Sugar Serve: 8 reasons to invest in customer service excellence


Offering the best customer experience at all points where you interact with an organisation is the mantra of today's companies. This is understood by the most modern CRM solutions, which have evolved from being a mere commercial agenda to a complete tool which covers all phases of the customer's life cycle in a company: from their acquisition to the after-sales service (support and maintenance). A good example of this type of solution is SugarCRM, whose latest update includes Sugar Serve, a broad set of customer service tools, which aim to help companies build lasting and valuable relationships also in customer service processes.

Customer Service Excellence

CRM in customer services, the UX swan

At the beginning of CRM solutions, customer service departments were seen as the ugly duckling in Hans Christian Andersen’s story. Initially, these computer tools focused only on being little more than mere sales force agendas. As they evolved, CRMs began to cover more and more phases of the sales cycle, working the relationship with the customer in more and more processes (Marketing, Communication, etc.) until finally reaching the areas of Customer Service.

The main reason for extending the scope of the first CRMs to the current ones has been the incorporation of the concept of customer experience. And it is the case that maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty are only achieved when they receive close and personalised attention in any of the processes in which they interact with an organisation.

One of the areas which has acquired the greatest value in modern CRMs (or if we prefer the metaphor from the story, which has become a beautiful swan) has been customer service. Here it is essential to achieve satisfaction and loyalty by offering a service of the highest quality, since otherwise it can result in dissatisfaction and, finally, in breaking the customer-company relationship. 

In this sense, a ClickFox survey shows that the best way to build customer loyalty is to offer them an excellent 24/7 service, while other similar studies show that customer experience affects their ability to be prescribers of our business.

SugarCRM has understood it perfectly, so in its latest update it has included Sugar Serve. This is a broad set of customer service tools which aim to help companies also build lasting and valuable relationships in customer service processes.

In an article on our blog we talk about the main features of Sugar Serve, while in this one we will expose its main benefits.

Benefits of Sugar Serve, the CRM for customer service

If a company offers a personalised service, fast, efficient and based on the right information, the degree of loyalty of its customers increases exponentially. And this is the philosophy with which the tools which integrate the new Sugar Serve are born, in which, above all, we have worked to consolidate the benefits of a CRM solution for customer service:

  1. Improvement of efficiency. If a support technician has the information you need in real time quickly and easily, the quality and efficiency of your work soar. And so does the customer satisfaction! Sugar Serve guarantees it thanks to the dashboard which it offers to support technicians, which also optimises the entire support process globally.
  2. Cost reductions. By automating key customer service processes, Sugar Serve achieves a significant cost reduction and accelerates the return on investment made in this tool. In this way, the services offered by the company are much more profitable.
  3. Ability to build relationships. With Sugar Serve, companies increase customer loyalty rates thanks to the quality and personalisation of the service they receive. Having loyal customers means more business opportunities with them. And to show a button: an Oracle report shows that for 73% of adults in the US, a friendly and personalised customer experience makes them come back in the future to acquire more products or services.
  4. Automation of case priority. Each customer receives the level of attention they have contracted in their SLA. Sugar Serve recognises this information and automatically grants each incident or support case the contracted priority. In this way, the support technician optimises their response times and customers feel valued.
  5. Intelligent case assignment. Prioritisation of support cases is not the only point of the support processes which Sugar Serve automates: this CRM customer service tool guarantees the optimal attention to each customer request, since it automatically assigns it to the appropriate technician. This benefit is due to Sugar Serve taking advantage of the process automation functionalities of SugarBPM. For example:
    •  Assigning customer requests to the appropriate technician
    •  Reassigning cases which have been unattended for some time
    •  Reassigning cases which need more attention to the higher-level technicians and area managers
  6. High-quality service thanks to detailed information on each customer and their cases. Sugar Serve makes available to technicians, on a single screen, all the relevant customer information (history, activity, etc.). In this way, the technicians get to know the characteristics of each customer in depth and take advantage of this information to expedite the resolution of the cases. According to an American Express study, 65% of customers say that fantastic service experience with a company is due to the fact that the technician was pleasant and that they also had detailed information, which allowed them to respond successfully to the customer’s problems.
  7. Wide range of standard and customisable reports. Customer service technicians can provide full reporting on their activity thanks to the 60 standard reports offered by Sugar Serve, which have extensive customisation options, and the possibility of creating customisable reports from scratch.
  8. Intuitive, agile and simple interface. Sugar Serve offers support supervisors a kanban view (visual cards) of cases, which can be broken down with a simple click. It also makes it easy to share information on screen with other users. 

Do you want to offer the best customer experience also in the processes which you develop in the areas of customer service, and which are 100% aligned with the commercial strategy of your organisation? At Intelligence Partner we are experts in customer service processes and in the possibilities offered by CRM solutions in this field, especially Sugar CRM with its Sugar Serve tools. Explain to us what your company is like and what your objectives are, and we will offer you a response which is totally adapted to your needs.

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