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Google BigQuery

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Google BigQuery

Big Data is based on a change in the information and analysis requirements of our customers, as a result of the emergence of technology that was not available previously.

The new analytical requirements our customers have are based on:

  • Speed (flexible decision-making)
  • Variety (new data types: social networks, the Internet of things, pictures, videos, geo-positioning, etc.)
  • Volume (these new sources of information require the storage of large amounts of data for short periods of time).

Google BigQuery is a 100% cloud service by Google that is fully scalable that can store large volumes of information that can be viewed quickly and efficiently by sending queries in SQL. It combines a “column” structure with MapReduce processing. 

Google BigQuery makes it possible to query databases of up to several terabytes in a matter of seconds through a pay-per-use system based on the volume of information stored and the queries made.


What is special about Google BigQuery?

Differentiating aspects

  • Speedy Big Data analysis. Cloud-based, scalable, and always available.
  • Cost effective: Pay-per-use, without inefficiencies
  • Non-disruptive. It adapts well to existing IT architectures.

Other key features

  • Partitioning of tables
  • “Consultation” tools for BQ
  • Data streaming
  • Analytical capabilities of the “engine”
  • Query cache
  • Data imports
  • Google Analytics Export to BigQuery (GA Premium). Unlimited daily exports