Commercial Management

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CRM for efficient commercial management

Improving your commercial management is one of the main reasons for any company has to implement a CRM tool. You will increase your market share and the number of successful opportunities.

At Intelligence Partner, we can provide advice and help you design the business processes, making them more coherent, productive, and more in line with current adaptable methodologies.

Thanks to our CRM solutions, you will enjoy the following:

  • 360º view of your contacts and accounts: You will have the necessary information about your customers (status of their orders, incidents, etc.), thanks to our integration services with the various sources of data available (social media, ERP, e-mail, or your own applications).
  • Automation of the sales cycle: We will advise you about business processes that you should automate. Manage recurring orders, create tasks, assign candidates, approve discounts, expenditure reports
  • Efficient management of opportunities: We shall advise you on how to generate alerts as reminders for renovations, pending opportunities, etc.
  • Tracking and predicting commercial activity: We shall create customised reports to control the status and potential of opportunities, for example, or to follow-up visits, etc.

We shall help you to design your sales forecasts and set targets for your business lines, products, agents, or teams.