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Acer and Google facilitate your conferences with Chromebase for meetings

You can encourage the collaboration of both work colleagues and clients through Hangout Meets – whether they have a Google account or not. You can carry out meetings of 25-50 persons through Gmail and Calendar without having to share a physical room.

All-in-one system adapted to any environment

It features a 24” touchscreen that is easy to install in meeting rooms regardless of their size. It has a web camera with integrated with 5 MP which has a panoramic view as well as two microphones and speakers.

This means that visibility is excellent in all lighting conditions. The touchscreen is anti-reflective, it can be tilted between -5° and 25° and it can also be hung on a wall. It also has a large number of ports which allow you to connect to almost any secondary device.

Acer Chromebase
Acer Chromebase
Acer Chromebase

Constant protection and updates

Chrome OS has multiple security levels and the Chromebase devices provide various layers of protection (they use the principle of ‘defence in depth’), so if one of the layers is compromised, the others will resist.