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Salesforce Training

In addition to Salesforce training for people involved in deploying projects, Intelligence Partner offers an introductory course to Salesforce administration and development. The purpose is to provide an overview of the main configuration and development elements in Salesforce.

This course can be provided in full or delivered in blocks 1 and 2 for administrators who do not require knowledge on development issues:

Block 1: Management of environments.

  • Introduction
  • Initial configuration of the application
  • User management
  • Data security and access
  • Data management
  • Reports and dashboards


Block 2: Configuring applications

  • Introduction to configuring applications
  • Customising the data model
  • Customising the user interface
  • Customising the business logic
  • Best practices when developing applications


Block 3: Developments in

  • Web services
  • Sandboxes and types of environment
  • Migration of configuration changes
  • Testing
  • Tracking

Duration of the Salesforce training sessions: Three 5-hour sessions for blocks 1 and 2 and an additional session for block 3