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Digital Transformation with G Suite

Project and Process Management

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Project and Process Management

Project management is a key element in any company’s planning and affects all departments. How can you do this in the cloud and improve efficiency? Intelligence Partner helps you to design various management plans and implement them in your business with 100% cloud-based tools.

The goal? Track team tasks more easily, coordinate events, or manage any kind of project, improving collaboration and making the process easier.

Our plan to implement project management tools:

  • Identify the needs of key departments.
  • Build various templates tailored to the customer.
  • Assess its suitability to the real environment through a pilot scheme.
  • Gradually implement the tools in the company.
  • Train users so that they know how to take advantage of new workflows in the future.

In short, Intelligence Partner implements cloud-based project management tools, making it easier for users to design their own templates so that they can become more efficient in their day-to-day tasks.