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Google Maps Platform

Google Maps Platform

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Google Maps: the best mapping technology at your disposal

Google Maps Platform provides you with 18 APIs, grouped into three blocks: Maps, Routes and Places.


99% coverage of the world

  • Rich, accurate maps: millions of new possibilities to add value to your business  
  • Customize your maps: style your maps and align them with your brand.
  • Grow with Google: rely on a global-scale project that’s still growing. No worrying about scalability, reliability nor performance anymore.  


40 million miles of road

  • Offer reliable navigation information wherever you are
  • Create efficient routes to lower costs and improve customer experience
  • Use predictive traffic models to plan ahead


100 million places

  • Help your users explore the world around them
  • Provide better services with precise location intelligence
  • Comprehensive location data from all over the world