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Sugar, “iCRM”: focused on the individual

Sugar is an outstanding tool designed to improve “i2i” – individual to individual- (iCRM) relationships.

With a simple and intuitive interface, SugarCRM emphasises the flexibility of its open architecture, favouring its adaptation to every business model, the automation of its internal processes, and the ability to deploy the solution in the cloud or in a company’s technological environment.

It provides a 360º view of your customers and prospects with the aim of attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, and trying to recover those lost in the past.

Why SugarCRM?

  • For its dual ‘user – customer’ orientation

SugarCRM uses a simple and intuitive interface, which facilitates mobility thanks to its App for iOS and/or Android tablets and smartphones.

  • For its adaptability to all types of environments and processes

Flexible implementation and highly scalable, which allows it to be installed in any environment (On-premise or Cloud). With “Studio” you can customise dashboards, modules, fields, and business processes without the need for coding.

  • For its powerful analytical engine

Information in real time on your pipeline, the ROI of marketing actions or the incident resolution success rate. Easily create highly visual and intuitive reports and predictions based on existing data.

  • For its transparent and attractive pricing policy

SugarCRM is committed to simple rates and reasonable prices, without hidden costs, or compulsory payments for updates

These features make Sugar the perfect CRM to improve your Sales, Marketing or Customer Service departments.


SugarCRM for Sales

  1. 360° view of your accounts: contacts, opportunities, cases, budgets, contracts, and all historical data on tasks, calls, and meetings at a glance
  2. Manage your sales opportunities by product, team, or geographical area; prioritising those that are the most relevant to your business.
  3. It enables your agents to save time by automating common tasks and tracking alerts for every opportunity.
  4. Create reports and sales forecasts to define the strategic lines to follow.
  5. Grant access, editing, and publication privileges individually or by teams.
  6. Access the app at any time and place with the mobility solutions for Android and iOS.
  7. Import your contacts from the most common DB and manage the existence of duplicates through its help screen.

 SugarCRM for Marketing

  1. Keep track of your social media, minute by minute.
  2. Generate an effective segmentation of your contacts.
  3. Use the Sugar campaign wizard to create multichannel campaigns. Set budgets, link to a target group, and design your creative elements.
  4. Add forms in HTML to your website or to your campaigns using the web form creation tool.
  5. Automate the reception of potential customers (leads) from your website, forms, or from your campaigns. Establishes automatic rules (workflows) to distribute the leads among the various commercial teams.
  6. Measure the profitability and success of your marketing campaigns thanks to reports on the ROI of each campaign, its rate of openings, rebounds and clicks.
  7. Record the history of campaigns  and classify your contacts on the basis of the interest shown for them.

SugarCRM for Customer Service

  1. Record cases from your call centre platform, mail server, chat, website or from social media, such as Twitter.
  2. Automate the distribution of cases among your customer service/support staff.
  3. Be aware of all the interactions made by each customer (pre-sales actions, products purchased, previous incidents, etc…)
  4. Resolve queries and incidents more quickly and efficiently thanks to the knowledge base of similar cases resolved in the past.
  5. Reduce the number of cases pending a solution to a minimum by using alerts for pending tasks and the activity history file.
  6. Generate reports and forecasts to monitor the incident resolution efficiency of your IT staff, either individually or by teams.
  7. Use the self-service portal included in Sugar so that your customers can report cases through this platform and, thus, save your company time and costs.