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Create customers for life with the world’s first intelligent, no-touch customer experience (CX) platform

SugarCRM facilitates collaboration between your sales, marketing and services teams during and at any stage of the customer’s lifecycle. You will be able to provide more valuable and developed experiences, based on predictive insights, with all the advantages of data insertion automation.

SugarCRM Market

SUGAR MARKET – Marketing With Insight

Get attention rom the most promising potential customers with Sugar Market, the Marketing Automation solution that has everything you need, designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of marketing actions.

Sugar Market allows you to gain visibility into how potential customers interact with your digital resources, thus being able to measure their effectiveness and interest level to adapt them to their real needs. Create landing pages, email templates and forms focused on converting leads in a simple and intuitive way.

You can also qualify leads with nurturing campaigns in several phases and advanced scoring models, being able to transfer only the most qualified leads to the sales team.

With Sugar Market it is easy to find out what actions work and what needs to be changed to improve campaigns.

Sugar Market is the Marketing Automation solution that has everything you need.

SugarCRM Sell

SUGAR SELL – Sell Smarter

Maximize the benefits of all sales representatives with Sugar Sell, the award-winning Sales Automation solution renowned for its intuitive interface, extensibility and customer satisfaction.

Sugar Sell offers you the guarantee of an exceptional user experience. Sugar remains leader in satisfaction, reliability and technical support in PCMag’s Business Choice awards, and is the most recommended CRM solution among users.

Sugar Sell uses daily generated customer data to show a clear picture of each customer’s customer journey. With a simple interface, it focuses on the most relevant functions for your sales team. They will have instant access to all the information they needed.

SugarCRM Sell

SUGAR SERVE – Serve Exceptionally

Get ready to create loyal customers with Sugar Serve, the new customer interaction center solution designed to optimize case management and problem solving.

Imagine resolving every customer service inquiry promptly and proficiently, erasing bad customer experiences and, therefore, increasing their loyalty.

Thanks to Sugar Serve you will always be prepared to give your customers just what they need. With a customer support platform focused on the most relevant functions for support agents, you will always have instant access to necessary information to anticipate and meet (or even exceed) your customer’s expectations.