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Digital Transformation with G Suite

Customised Cloud Applications

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Customised Cloud Applications

Intelligence Partner offers consultancy services aimed at developing customised cloud applications that meet the needs of your organisation by taking advantage of the accelerators provided by the Google Cloud Platform. This avoids conventional projects that require extensive development periods.

Our philosophy is to forget about the infrastructure and its management, and focus on what really matters: your business. 

Obtain a prototype in record time, validate whether it meets your needs, deploy it in production mode in an instant, and don’t worry about performance, reliability and scalability issues.

Some of these development accelerators are:

  • Google Sites: Create and share web pages easily.
  • G Suite Script: This is a programming language based on JavaScript that allows you to create new and innovative aspects with G Suite.
  • Google App Engine: This feature enables you to publish web applications without having to worry about infrastructure, and it focuses 100% on building your application.