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Big Data

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1. Google BigQuery: your big data solution in the cloud

2. Google Dataflow: self-managed data transfer

Google Dataflow is a self-managed service and a unified programming model capable of processing large amounts of data in either streaming or in batch mode. 

It allows you to forget operational tasks, such as resource management and performance optimisation. Its resources are allocated on-demand, providing an unlimited capacity to resolve the Big Data processing requirements.

3. Google Cloud Dataproc: data processing and transformation

Google Cloud DataProc serves to easily process large amounts of data at a very low cost. This cost can be controlled by creating administered clusters of any size and deactivating them once you have finished.

Data processing is fast and scalable, allowing you to create or change the size of the clusters whenever you want. It is an open source ecosystem so that you can start to use it without the need to learn how to use new tools or APIs.