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Chrome Enterprise: the video conferencing system

Chrome Enterprise offers a new generation of devices for your company, depending on its size and needs.

The devices launch in a few seconds and the cloud-based profiles ensure that your employees, customers, or partners are just a click away, and in the safest possible way.

1. Chromebox for Meetings: the video solution for meetings

Chromebox for Meetings is Google’s video conferencing system. With Chromebox for Meetings, you can use video meetings to connect with any person from any location. A practical, user-friendly, and economical solution that avoids unnecessary trips and allows you to save costs.


  • Instant collaboration. By sharing the computer desktop, you can project content and work on it with other people during a video conference.
  • Quick and easy installation. Connect your screen, follow the instructions in the setup wizard, and it is ready to use. Stay up to date with the latest features and security fixes.
  • Direct access to meetings scheduled through the device.
  • System security. Thanks to SRTP encryption protocols for voice and video traffic and SSL for administrative traffic.

2. Chrome For Work: The device that fits the job

In addition to video conferencing tools, Chrome for Work offers multiple solutions for multiple needs:

  • Portable Chrome devices: High-quality devices that combine simplicity, safety, and speed. They run on the Chrome OS and are fully integrated with all Google Workspace applications.  
  • Digital Signage: is a platform for reliable, flexible, and affordable devices. Making digital signage practical.
  • Kiosks:
    – For customers: Shared “kiosks” devices are a practical, economical, and easily scalable
    – For employees: Devices that are safe and simple for more specialised uses, such as, shift workers etc.