Customised Applications

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Customised CRM applications

Every company is unique and has unique sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

At times, standard CRM applications do not adapt to our in-house processes, and customised applications are required.

The advantages that you can enjoy from these CRM application developments are:

– Display your company’s sales, marketing and customer service processes.

– Manage the various input channels and automate what to do with each one.

– Design customised portals that connect to your CRM.

– Design mobile applications connected to your CRM

– Create customised objects: Define what, how and where you want to save your information.

– Custom reports and dashboards: Get the information you need and in the most visual manner.

– Personalise communications with your customers using individualised templates

– Integration with other systems through web services: SAP, mobile apps, web applications, etc…

– Automatic uploads from .csv files.


These customised developments will provide you with everything you need and that your standard CRM cannot do.