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BI tools: get the most out of your data

How can BI tools benefit your company?

1. Gather all the business data on a single platform.

2. Enjoy in-depth knowledge about what is happening in your company. Thanks to the large amount of data that they can interpret and cross-reference to draw conclusions.

3. Monitor your company’s economic activity in real time.

4. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past. Thanks to the interpretation of historical data, BI will help you to understand the mistakes that were made and how to avoid them.

5. Integration with a large number of solutions and information systems, without discriminating by format or origin.

6. Display complicated data about your business in a simple and understandable manner.

7. Shorten response times. You can make sophisticated queries and get an answer quickly.

At Intelligence Partner, we offer you cutting-edge information analysis Business Intelligence tools:

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence and Machine Learning

Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a Google solution that interprets, stores, and handles large volumes of data.

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Machine Learning

Latest generation of Machine learning services, with pre-designed models and a service to generate your own customized models.

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Tableau Software allows you to create and display all types of reports quickly and intuitively.

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Looker makes data-based decision making available throughout all levels of the business.

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Talend Open Studio caters for your company's ETL needs, as well as other data migration and integration projects.

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