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JumpCloud: a modern directory interpretation

JumpCloud is a fully managed directory to rule your infrastructure whether on-premise or in the cloud. It securely manages and connects employee identities to IT resources- systems, applications, and networks.

Core features

  • Directory ServicesDirectory services are the framework that securely stores and provides access to your organization’s important assets: your users, the systems they access, the applications they use and more.
  • Group ManagementDaaS groups allow you to authorize your users to access the systems, devices, and applications they need. A simple to use interface helps to associate users with the resources they need to access within these groups.
  • User ManagementDaaS is your central, authoritative source for managing users including user configuration, user credentials, user key management, simple public key management, and user self-management.
  • Single Sign-OnProvide your users one-click access to the SaaS applications they need most. DaaS provides simple configuration of leading SaaS applications by leveraging the widely adopted SAML 2.0 protocol.
  • System ManagementJumpCloud provides an all-in-one management tool that covers Mac, Linux, and Windows, allowing you to regain security and management control regardless of operating system or location.
  • Auditing and ComplianceGet on-demand access to JSON-structured data to store and analyze the data between your employees, your privileged administrators, and the resources they are interacting with.
  • RADIUS-as-a-ServiceJumpCloud’s RADIUS-as-a-Service (RaaS) provides you with pre-built, configured, and fully managed and maintained cloud RADIUS servers. Add as many RADIUS servers as you like for WiFi access control, VPN authentication, and authentication for your network systems, servers, and applications.