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Google Maps Platform Services

Implementation and development

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Google Maps Platform development

Intelligence Partner employs an expert GIS (Geographic Information System) team that develops applications based on Google Maps localisation APIs for mobile platforms and websites.

Our in-depth knowledge in developing Google Maps Platform and its APIs allows us to offer our customers the best implementation process whatever their usage.

  • Consultancy: Advice and/or development of applications based on Google Maps, ensuring the best implementation of the API, while minimising the use of the quota and obtaining the best performance.
  • Training: Technical training on the full set of services that the Google Maps APIs have to offer.
  • Hour Pool: Access to a number of hours to consult aspects or prepare small developments related to Google Maps, and thus help the customer’s development team.
  • Technical support: Resolution of incidents regarding Google Maps, queries on the correct use of the services, etc. The technical support guarantees a response within the SLA.

Please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with the advice you need and discover how we can help you.