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Machine Learning Innovation Lab

From Intelligence Partner we offer a machine learning innovation workshop on the Google Cloud Platform where attendees will become familiar with the machine learning capabilities and identify potential use cases where they can apply it to improve key areas of their organization.

During the workshop, participants find business processes that are suitable for improving with machine learning and identify what data they can take advantage of for it. After this phase, together we will analyze and evaluate solutions that generate a greater impact in the organization and that, in addition, are easier to implement (quick wins). After the workshop, Intelligence Partner will prepare a summary of the session that will include a proposal for the prototyping of the best solutions.

The Innovation Lab is divided into the following sections:

  • Inspire: Through real success stories we show how other organizations have applied machine learning and Google Cloud Platform solutions for their business processes, transforming the way they work.
  • Discover: Participants detect and review business processes and workflows that may be currently improved. Afterwards, the feasibility of using Google tools to improve the process is analyzed. Participants in the workshop review their processes and workflows to detect improvement opportunities in unproductive activities, discovering business processes that can be improved using machine learning. Subsequently, they select and prioritize a series of processes susceptible to being prototyped.

Duration of the Innovation Lab: 3 hours