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Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit

Easier meetings for any type of room


The Hangouts Meet hardware from Asus brings the same reliable and easy access video conferencing experience to meeting rooms. Perfect for meeting rooms of any size. It has a camera with a wide visual field which is ideal for small rooms. And with the optic zoom with panoramic functions, tilt and mechanical zoom, it is also excellent for larger rooms.

Intelligent design, easy to configure and to use

The microphone-speaker has a personalised design created by Google which intelligently reduces echoes and actively manages background noise to offer a quality, wraparound, clear sound. The image expands or crops automatically, and in this way, adapts to the number of people there are in the room.

Asus 2

You can configure the Hangouts Meet hardware in just a few minutes and connect the members of your team, regardless of whether they are on another floor of the building or in another country. The hardware kit can even automatically diagnose any problem and update to the most recent version in order to always automatically guarantee the best video experience. The remote control for the device also makes it easier for administrators to maintain control.

Its Components

  • The touch screen

A simple user interface that allows joining, recording, muting and anchoring with a single touch. With its HTML capacity you can even present from your own device straight away.

  • The speakermic (microphone speaker)

Designed by Google to take world-class processing to meeting rooms in order to achieve clean, clear and echo-free video conferencing.

  • The camera

A 4K camera which adapts to any type of room, with a 120 degree FOV that always captures everyone around the table, even in the smallest meeting rooms.

  • The Chromebox

Built to achieve the greatest level of security and reliability. With automatic updates to guarantee constant improvements.