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Logitech & Google solutions for meeting rooms

Logitech Google Cloud

With Google Meet, any space is ideal for a collaborative meeting: you can be in a video conference with just one click and, thanks to its user-friendliness, you can share content easily with the other attendees. Through its preconfigured hardware solutions for Hangouts Meet, Logitech facilitates the implementation of this experience in all types of rooms regardless of their size.

Hangouts Meet hardware certified by Google

With the Hangouts Meet Hardware equipment, certified by Google, meeting rooms (small, medium or large) can be securely equipped with confidence: The MeetUp version is designed for group sessions and small conference rooms, as it minimises cabling and saves space with its practical integrated design. For larger rooms, Logitech Rally offers an advanced ultra-HD camera with modular audio and intelligent cable distribution which is adaptable for all types of rooms.

Everything you need for your meetings

Logitech Google Cloud

Logitech Solutions for Google Meet meeting rooms include everything you require for video conferencing in any type of room. They include a Logitech conference camera, a Chromebox with cable retention and Logitech Tap touch control.

Small rooms

Logitech Google Cloud

Medium rooms

Logitech Google Cloud

Large rooms

Logitech Google Cloud