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CRM is also Marketing

At Intelligence Partner, we can help you set up a CRM strategy in the field of Marketing based on process optimisation and automation. You will improve the return on each campaign and reduce the administrative burden associated with planning and implementation.

Thanks to the implementation of a CRM in you Marketing activities you will obtain the following:

  • Speed up your workflow to obtain leads and improve your nurturing. We enable CRM integration into the various channels of communication you have with customers (email, call centre, web pages, social networks, etc.). Updated information on current and potential customers will be at your fingertips.
  • Create and customise your marketing templates, landing pages, and web forms to optimise your campaigns.
  • Improve customer management and prospects (leads – potential customers). We shall provide you with advice on creating activity flows and approval processes in your marketing campaigns, whether they are internal or with third parties.
  • Adapt segmentation criteria and the analysis of results. We shall help you segment your customers and prepare other reports and dashboards so that you are aware of the ROI of your actions.
  • Integrate your social media: Whether for customer-service processes, social listening or to design social media campaigns.