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Cloud service management

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Cloud service management

The Management and Administration service has been designed to allow customers to delegate the supervision and administration of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure they need to use.

This service will also allow you to submit requests to Intelligence Partner to enable/disable, change or receive information on APIs/Google Cloud Platform services.

This service includes:

  • Highquality service provision assurance regarding the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure that customers use at each moment. For this purpose, Intelligence Partner will use GCP infrastructure status monitoring services.
  • Enabling, disabling, changing API configurations and GCP services, for example creating a virtual machine with certain features, opening ports for a particular DB, changing user permissions or privileges for a project, etc.
  • Queries about Google Cloud Platform Services.
  • Recommendations and best practices to ensure the continuity of the service over time, adapting to changes in resources or configuration requirements.
  • Re-sizing proposals to reduce costs or improve the performance of applications included in this service provision proposal.