Customer Service

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CRM for excellent customer service

The best way to capture and retain customers is clearly to offer top quality customer service that exceeds their expectations.

Thanks to CRM tools and to our consultancy services geared to improving customer service, you will improve the productivity of your employees and provide a speedy response to any queries or claims raised by your customers.

These are some of the benefits that you can obtain for your customer service department:

  • A common database of multichannel interactions. We shall integrate your CRM with the various channels of communication you use with customers (email, call centre, web pages, social media…) so that all your interactions are updated and available.
  • We create automated processes, workflows and alerts. We shall advise you on the business processes that need optimising, such as case and incident allocation, automatic response to doubts and queries, approval of discounts, etc. You can simplify many of your daily tasks.
  • Single click resolution of complaints and incidents. We provide the training and consultancy services for the efficient use of past responses to cases that have arisen in the past.
  • Multilevel Incident Management processes. We provide advice on how to define the model that best adapts to your organisation’s processes.
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).
  • Comprehensive analysis of KPIs of the customer service department using sophisticated reports custom designed by Intelligence Partner. Obtain real-time data on which employees are more efficient, the rate at which customer loyalty is increasing, the most common incidents and queries, resolution times, SLA non-compliances, etc.