Change management with G Suite: a team issue

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Evolution is consubstantial to human activity. In other words, we evolve because we seek continuous improvement and optimisation of our efforts. A good example is the profound change which business models have undergone thanks to important technological advances. We know this change as Digital Transformation; and for it to develop successfully it is necessary to raise awareness among all the personnel within the company. In this article we will discuss how to make an impeccable change management with G Suite, an authentic collaborative solution.

Why manage change with G Suite

As we have said before, Digital Transformation is a profound change which affects all levels of a company. And now we add an essential point: it is not only a Digital Transformation, but also a cultural and transversal one.

In the new context, companies that wish to be competitive must encourage their employees to participate jointly and actively in achieving their objectives. This means moving from an old philosophy of work which is not very customer-oriented, to a new one which encourages collaboration, productivity, effectiveness and rapid reaction, always with an eye on the customer.

It is precisely the collaborative component which has received the least attention from business and technology experts, and to which we at Intelligence Partner attach great importance. The reason? If a significant number of people participate in a process of change and each of them perceives that they are an essential part, this change has many possibilities of reaching – or even exceeding – the objectives which have been set.

It is in this context that collaborative solutions play a fundamental role, since they encourage the participation of all the members of the company. In this way, the transforming process acquires a transversal character. To start this change process, it will be necessary to:

  • Find a high-level sponsor of the project.
  • Make users understand how it works at this time and how the change will affect them.
  • Create a Change Management program suitable for users, as well as for the culture of the organisation and its budget.

Application examples

Some examples of the measures which can be applied in managing the change process with G suite are:

  • Periodic notifications to inform about the transformation process and welcome emails, with Gmail
  • Informative and training videoconferences on aspects of the transformation process, through Hangouts Meet
  • Joint work documents for specific actions and processes of change, with Google Docs
  • Joint Spreadsheets, with Google Sheets
  • Specific working environments for groups in Google Team Drives, which allows you to define different permissions and privileges for each user and profile

Among the many benefits of carrying out Change Management with G Suite, the following stand out:

  • Higher return on investment for the organisation
  • Greater flexibility of the company, which accelerates and optimises its reactive capacity in a very dynamic business environment
  • Creation of an authentic collaborative community in the organisation, based on a culture of sharing
  • Increased team productivity thanks to the collaborative capabilities of G Suite
  • Better acceptance of the change thanks to the increase in the engagement of the group of users

At Intelligence Partner we are certified partners of Google, with whom we share abelief in the importance of promoting change management with G Suite. Our consultants, with a high level of knowledge in business and technology, will help you design and carry out the process of Digital Transformation of your organisation with G Suite. For this, they will apply a methodology which combines Google tools with the best practices in the sector.

Take the first step in your change management with G suite!

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