JumpCloud, the key element of G Suite for effective user management

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For organisations that want to make the transition to the cloud, the integration of G Suite and JumpCloud effectively eliminates the need for virtually any on-premise infrastructure to handle their user directory.

JumpCloud is a DaaS (Directory as a Service) solution, which consists of a cloud-based repository of users. JumpCloud enables IT administrators to manage users linked to the resources of an organisation efficiently and securely, assigning applications, devices and networks to the said users. It employs a variety of protocols to ensure that the organisation has control over all corporate resources in a completely safe manner.

What benefits does a DaaS like JumpCloud provide?

  • Scalability and availability:Cloud-based DaaS solutions are easily scalable; they are always available and are based on SaaS (Software as a Service) systems.
  • Cross-platform: It is compatible with virtually all platforms and types of applications and takes advantage of numerous standard authentication and directory protocols. This makes support for different platforms easier.
  • Managing multiple devices: by being able to work at a cross-platform level, IT managers will have greater control over their devices.
  • Simplified integration: DaaS solutions like JumpCloud are administered by the service provider, in such a way that IT organisations only have to add their users and the DaaS solution takes care of the rest.
  • Enhanced security: DaaS not only protects the identities of users through encryption and network security techniques but also detects problems with users’ credentials. As directories are moved into the cloud, one of the main reasons for this change is precisely the security that it provides when handling the directory itself.

Focusing on security, practically all IT resources can be connected to a single directory with JumpCloud. Using standard protocols, such as LDAP, Kerberos, SAML and many others, IT resources can be easily authenticated in their natural protocols, regardless of whether they are on-premise or cloud-based resources.

As there is only one master directory, its implementation in an organisation results in a significant reduction of errors and security violations. With JumpCloud, you can provision and unprovision users with one click, immediately providing or blocking access to all IT resources.

Fully integrated with G Suite

As we mentioned above, JumpCloud is a cross-platform solution and the Google platform is one of the most relevant. It is tightly integrated into Google, in such a way that any changes made in JumpCloud are automatically propagated to G Suite. For organisations that already use G Suite, JumpCloud easily imports all users and automatically creates their identities when it is added to their IT environment.

For organisations that want to transition to the cloud, the integration of G Suite and JumpCloud eliminates the need for virtually any on-premise infrastructure: you do not need Microsoft’s Active Directory or any other. It is a solution that extends the benefits of cloud-based SaaS to its ultimate consequences, providing a comprehensive pay-per-use model with reduced maintenance and management costs, and with great potential for growth.

JumpCloud and GDPR

JumpCloud will adapt to the GDPR framework when it comes into force on 25 May. The tool has resolved many of the obligations required to comply with this regulation, both in terms of design security, encryption and data protection.

Would you like to try it? You can do so without any obligation, and the first 10 users are free forever. In addition, you can count on our experience as JumpCloud partners. We can help you implement it in your organisation, in your single sign-on projects, RADIUS-as-a-Service, managing multiple OS and in audit and compliance processes.


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