I want to implement a project with Google Maps Platform; why should I have a Premier Partner?

Given the facilities offered by the Internet when seeking information in order to consumer any product, self-service is often resorted to nowadays.

This capacity to investigate, to compare, and to obtain information is changing the rules of the game in the consumption of products and services. We tend to eliminate the middlemen from the equation, taking for granted that they contribute very little to the sales cycle.

Partner Premier Google Maps Platform

Naturally the same thing happens when tackling new technological projects, particularly when the cloud is involved. Manufacturers providing cloud services are moving closer and closer to the end consumer and it is tempting to do away with the channel which has traditionally prescribed this technology.

This is because manufacturers (of technology in this case) provide huge amounts of information online intended for all kinds of profiles; for CXOs (CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs…) and naturally also for developers.

In this particular case of the use of Google technology and to be more precise the area of solutions linked to geolocation by means of Maps the specific figure of the Premier Partner exists; this profile may go unnoticed owing to unawareness of the value it may provide.

What does a Partner Premier of Google Maps give me? Reasons to be taken into account

We don’t want to overdo things when assessing the complexity of a consultancy and development project based on the services of the Google Maps Platform, but certain aspects should be taken into account in which companies such as ours can do their bit to optimise projects to suit our clients.

  • Being aware of and up-to-date with Google APIs is no easy task. If I have someone who is familiar with them this can save me a lot of time as this person will recommend the most suitable combination among the 18 existing ones in their three core areas (Maps, Routes, and Places).
  • Detecting the best licensing is an important ingredient, taking into account the variants between Standard and Premium, and we can help to analyse the cost of use by means of a “deep dive” at a technical level in the implementation of Google Maps.
  • We can get volume discounts for our clients. These rates are not accessible online and are reserved for partners.
  • It provides all its experience for the stages of design, development, and deployment, which shortens these stages of the life cycle of the solution.
  • It is in direct contact with the Google administration and support teams when scaling incidents. This saves a lot of time when this is most necessary.
  • It helps to optimise production environments by means of state controls and continuous performance revisions.
  • It is closer to clients, not only to solve support tasks but also with proactive assistance in the event of any problem or question.
  • In the long term it collaborates in the planning of the road map of the solution when planning its future evolution.

Is it essential to have a Premier Partner?

They say that no-one is indispensable, but our clients confirm that their projects accelerate and that they do not have to worry so much about bureaucracy or continuous innovation. They concentrate on the development of new services for their own clients and have the real experience of other R+D teams who are awaiting novelties and how these can have a positive effect on their business.   

That’s what you have us for as we are Google Premium Partners. Give us your coordinates and you will see how your initiative gets moving in no time. Our training, certificates, and wide experience in cloud innovation are our best guarantee.

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