Why use geolocation APIs on your business applications?

Google Maps Platform

Browsing, on-demand services, gaming, weather, distribution, social media... There are hundreds of real applications for geolocation APIs. And the IoT universe is adding many more. Would you like to add yours?

Geolocation APIs

How can we improve customer loyalty when they download our App if we do not offer them any real added value?

We often design Apps for mobile devices that we think display valuable information about our organisations, with a view to informing customers about our products or services. However, if they are unable to see any real value, after using it a couple of times, they may stop using it or even uninstall it.

The use of geolocation APIs has an impact on customer loyalty and therefore on preventing users from abandoning our App.

Beyond the standard use of geolocation APIs

Locating a site based on GPS coordinates affects the way users browse by placing them in a real environment and on a specific point on the map.

Geolocation APIs can be used for purposes as diverse as the various business sectors that exist and their needs.

For example, they enable us to indicate the static position of a given establishment on a map by marking the exact path that customers have to take from their current location to our establishment.  They also enable us to strengthen our competitive advantage by improving customer experiences by providing access to more detailed and ad hoc information.

Geolocation APIs for referencing movement

What if my customer is waiting for a package to be delivered, for a vehicle, or a home-delivered meal? If, in the case of on-demand services, I can indicate the position of the item in transit almost in real time and, in addition, provide an estimated time of arrival, it is clear that the customer’s experience will be greatly enhanced.

Of course, another interesting use is the management of fleets of vehicles or of a group of items with a special value. Consider that the new IoT devices are so small and light, and they have such a long battery life, that they can be placed/hidden almost anywhere. If they are capable of transmitting their position, you can control them almost in real time. In addition, this will be even faster with the lower latency of the new 5G networks.

What if you place an IoT device in your vending machine at a customer’s facility or in some other valuable asset placed at some other venue; an alarm can notify you of any unexpected movement, drawing your attention to the situation?

It has never been easier to add coordinates to an App

Developers are in luck because today we have services, such as the Google Maps Platform geolocation APIs that provide you with very accurate and flexible services so that you can add geo-positioning to your B2B or B2C applications.

As mentioned above, these systems do not only indicate the position of elements, they can also calculate distances, the best alternative routes, and even the estimated time of travel, taking real-time traffic into account.

These geolocation APIs by Google are available to anyone, as well as the necessary documentation to get them up and running. However, the time required and any uncertainties are reduced if you have an expert to advise you regarding the technology and licensing. That’s our job, we are Google Premier Partners and we have extensive experience in improving business results through the use of geolocation. Give us your coordinates and we shall set up your initiative in no time.


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