Google Voice: the most intelligent way to manage your business calls

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Can you imagine being able to call without the need for a telephone, regardless of where you are and what device you are using?

Google Cloud works with the objective of offering intelligent productivity solutions that transform the organizations. In recent years it has provided us with many possibilities regarding cloud-based communication solutions. Telephony has not been less.

Google Voice

Google Voice is the Google call service in the cloud that allows you to communicate easily with your professional contacts: colleagues, partners and customers.   

What advantages does Google Voice have for users?

Nowadays, people telework, travel, visit customers, stay in the office… In upcoming years it is estimated that between 50 and 75 percent of the employees of the organizations will work remotely. Therefore, they will have the need to communicate from any device, wherever they may be and without barriers. This is already a reality for many companies.

Google Voice makes this possible thanks to the following characteristics and functionalities:

  • Each user acquires his own identifying number from Google Voice that will be unique regardless of the device that he uses.
  • You are not tied to a specific device, for which reason it is not necessary to have a traditional telephone device.
  • Ease of use and integration with the G Suite tools.
  • Customization: the user can personalize actions, such as, when there is an incoming call, decide which of the devices linked to the account he wants to sound.
  • Numbers on a large scale can be administered with the intelligence and security of Google Cloud.
  • Available for Internet, iOS and Android.
  • Transcription of the voicemail messages, so you can read them if you are in a meeting, instead of listening to them (and even receive them in your Gmail tray).
  • Intelligent detection of SPAM-type calls.
  • Context and basic information on the meetings in incoming calls.
  • Integration with CRM solutions.
  • Management of the “do not disturb” feature integrated with Calendar.
  • Recording of calls.
  • Use of group numbers.
  • Conference calls of up to 100 participants.

Advantages in administration, billing, security and more

The directors will also find numerous advantages. The first and principal one is that they can carry out a profitable transition to the cloud from an inherited infrastructure of PBX telephony, which consumes physical space and resources. And with the benefit that supposes the truly integrated management of communications.

  • Simplified administration, from the implementation to the transfer and provisioning. In such a way that the users themselves can manage their preferences, saving time for the director.
  • The billing is also converted into something much simpler as it is centralized: it can all be done from the same administration console.
  • Data security: with the guarantee and intelligence of the Google cloud.
  • Maintain the commercial identity (telephone number). Which allows you to manage the processes with the customer in a practical and professional manner. 
  • Available for all organizations: large and small, they can benefit from Google Voice, regardless of specific needs, such as international calls.

Its potent storage capacity, courtesy of the Google cloud 

Google Voice allows you to save your data related to the calls: not only their history and the most basic data (numbers of who calls and who receives the call, date, time, duration…). Also the voicemail messages, greetings, SMSs and recorded conversations.

And as expected, if it were also necessary, it is possible to eliminate all these data in order to respect privacy and compliance regulations. Although it is true that they will continue appearing in the history of billable calls in your account. You can consult more detailed information in this regard here.

Since Google decided to be committed to telephony in 2009, with the purchase of GrandCentral, there have been several milestones that make it be perfectly prepared to escalate. Available for some time for users only in the U.S., the version of Google Voice for companies is an intelligent, simple, scalable and safe form in the telephony cloud for corporations, which completes the solutions of unified communications of G Suite, formed by Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.

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