Google Cloud Search: Find all your Business’ G Suite Data

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Why would an organisation need a tool like Google Cloud Search? Imagine you are looking for information on a supplier. You can’t remember whether their data came in an email message, or whether you entered it as a contact, or whether someone in your organisation created a reference to it on a document. With Google Cloud Search, G Suite, you can make the most of your time by performing a search through all the applications included in Google Suite, using smart wizards to make the process easier.

Google Cloud Search


The Google Cloud Search service, which can be used on PCs and mobile devices, has been designed for a type of business that uses clearly differentiated work teams, significant volumes of information and separate files.

How does Google Cloud Search Work in G Suite?

If you have already used the Google search engine to find information on the Internet, there is not much more to explain: simply enter the words or concepts you wish to find in the search box and press Enter.

The tool will immediately display the most relevant results found in all G Suite applications (Gmail, Documents, Drive, Calendar, etc. Even images and PDF files). During the search and results presentation process, the G Suite search tool provides two key features:

  • The possibility of using search operators. You can list terms or exclude them, limit the search to a given time period or group of users.
  • Advanced Options. With Google Cloud Search you can limit the results to a specific G Suite tool or you can filter the results based on other information linked to the file (for example, the date, owner, or type of content).

Google Cloud Search also respects information access privileges. Therefore, it always displays the results based on the privileges assigned to each user.

G Suite Smart Search Wizards

Google Cloud Search uses artificial intelligence to offer instant search suggestions and to display the most relevant results just like the classic Google website search engine does. Consequently, it analyses the experience of the employee to speed up the search process by assuming which document or type of document that user may need and when.

The G Suite search tool also provides users with intelligent assistance: Assist cards based on machine learning. This type of resource provides users with useful information on their work, the files they have been working on recently, or the most relevant information on meetings they have scheduled for the current date. Plus another very interesting feature: Google will increase the number of assist cards and available functions with every version.

Google Cloud Search can Find your G Suite Contacts

Google Cloud Search has also been designed to help employees find information on their contacts easily and even provide additional information when they encounter someone they have never contacted before. For example, users can see whether they and a contact will be attending the same calendar event and the common files to which they have access.

Once employees find the relevant contact information, they can invite a person to a Hangout, send an email, or launch a telephone call from their cell phones.

As you can see, Google Cloud Search is a tool that adds huge potential to a productivity solution like G Suite. And this potential is constantly on the increase: Google has promised to extend the benefits of this tool beyond G Suite and integrate it into third-party products.

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