Geolocation data, a jewel for companies from all sectors

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It doesn’t matter which sector your business is involved in: every day it receives geolocation data, which is of great value. A real jewel which, if exploited well, helps to exceed the business objectives set and to differentiate itself from the competition thanks to a close customised, efficient and very agile service. The analysis of this information generated from utilities developed with Google Maps Platform can increase your revenue easily by turning this data into money (from the discovery of business opportunities to its monetisation). Let’s look at some of the many ways that businesses can take advantage of this geolocation data...

Geolocation Data

4 ways of benefiting from geolocation data

On a personal level, we use geolocation technology in many areas of our lives: when we use tools such as Google Maps for travelling, when we use social networks or even when we are playing an online game.

In a business context, the use of geolocation data and mobile technologies is fundamental for success. As we have mentioned in different articles of this blog, geolocation technology provides numerous benefits to many sectors:

At Intelligence Partner, we highlight 4 ways your business can benefit from geolocation data:

  1. Identify trends. With Google Maps, a business is capable of seeing its information on a virtual and interactive map. This way it can carry out a detailed statistical analysis of geolocation data, and identify the information with the greatest value or that can be the most useful to carry out business actions. Let’s think, for example, that a business places the location of all of those clients that have made orders over a specific time period onto a virtual map. This way, it can see which territories are most successful and where they should focus more efforts.
  2. Turn the user into a potential customer. The uses of geolocation based on Google Maps Platform enable companies to be much more proactive with users. We find a good example in the retail sector: the capabilities of geofencing (in other words, establishing a virtual perimeter around a business) or Indoor navigation (navigation thanks to Google Maps in closed environments) enable users to receive communications that encourage them to buy our products or services when they are in a specific area or environment. In addition, the business can perfect its strategies in these areas after analysing the results.
  3. Optimise the management of staff. In order for the strategy of a company to work and be successful, it is essential to accurately manage its areas of action (for example, sales territories, service provision areas, etc.). With the data it receives from a utility developed with Google Maps Platform, a company can know in real time the exact location of its staff and synchronise their efforts with the rest of the workforce to achieve excellence in service and in the objectives with greater ease. This way, it can find out whether its route planning is appropriate, if it should modify an employee’s route to attend an unforeseen visit, etc. The benefits include: clear optimisation of the employee’s workday, significant time saving, greater capacity to react in the face of emergencies, increase in productivity…
  4. Monitoring assets in real time. This point, closely linked with the previous one, benefits businesses from all sectors. Knowing the location of their assets in real time (vehicles, for example) is a steppingstone towards the company’s increase of profitability. Thanks to this, the delivery or service routes, invoicing accurately by knowing the distance travelled and the time for each service, etc. In addition, this feature can be offered to its customers, which means an added value for companies in sectors such as logistics or even home delivery services (for example, in the form of checking the location of the order).

You’ve just seen it. Thanks to the transversality, geolocation data and the tools that enable the most to be made out of them, like those included in Google Maps Platform, they offer a wide range of possibilities and benefits for businesses from any activity sector.

At Intelligence Partner, as premier partners of Google, we have built up significant expertise in geolocation and Google Maps Platform. We make it available to you so that your business stands out from the competition thanks to a personalised, close and accurate service.

Firstly, we will listen to your objectives. Next, we will design a geolocation strategy together that makes your business, regardless of the sector, achieve success after success. We will then help you to launch it and, finally, we will be by your side to give you support at any time.

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