Geolocation in the real estate sector: a great ally for sales

Google Maps Platform

How the process of selling/letting homes and business premises has changed over the last few years! The real estate sector has transformed the way it is run thanks to modern business management systems, to using the cloud as an extension to its working environment and to adopting collaborative tools. In short, it is immersed in an unstoppable digitalisation process. One of the spearheads of this change is the use of geolocation tools by the real estate agents themselves. The integration and operational capacities of the Google Maps Platform, one of the most widespread solutions, is breathing new life into the companies of the sector.

Geolocation Real Estate


And this is because developers and real estate agents have seen that technology, and above all geolocation, is the best ally for making them more competitive thanks to:

  • Optimisation of processes and resources
  • Substantial financial savings
  • Higher productivity by doing away with periods of inactivity

How do real estate agents use geolocation solutions such as the Google Maps Platform?

By applying or integrating solutions such as the Google Maps Platform into their daily management processes, real estate agents are able to optimise many of the processes involved in the services provided by their staff and have positive repercussions on other management areas such as finance and human resources.

Below we offer you several examples of the benefits it can bring to your company:

  1. An increase in agent productivity. A tool with geolocation capabilities is a potent weapon for your agents. It helps them find properties more easily, access all their information and identify customer needs in advance, as well as reducing visit times by specifying the fastest and most direct route to them. All these factors contribute towards increasing their productivity and, by extension, the sales volume of the real estate company.
  2. Identification of the best areas in which to invest thanks to the data provided. Using geolocation means tapping into an extremely important source of data. This information can then be analysed in depth to detect patterns and trends, as well as for the channelling of business and marketing efforts. Once in possession of the data, you will know which the best areas are for investing in new properties, those which require more services, etc. In short, the success of your business will increase in spectacular fashion.
  3. Total adaptation to customer needs and tastes. There are customers who require their new home to be located within a certain radius of where they work or where their families live, for example. Geolocation solutions such as the Google Maps Platform make this search more efficient and enable it to be carried out extremely visually together with the customer. Thanks to the information provided (for example, schools, public services or restaurants), it is far easier to find potential homes for the customer and share this information with him or her by way of a simple click. The sales process is made far easier and more efficient.
  4. Exact location of all agents. When using solutions based on or that include geolocation, real estate agents out in the field can be accurately located at all times. This means they can be assigned non-scheduled activities (for example, visits or surveys) that might have to be made or carried out at a property close to their current location or to that of one of the properties to be visited during the day. This results in them making better use of their diaries and in the company saving time, money and resources.
  5. An increase in the speed and quality of the service provided to tenants. Tenants of rented properties usually request the provision of maintenance and repair services. For those real estate agents who have their own teams for performing these activities, geolocation solutions are a valuable ally. In the same way as with the agents/salespeople in the field, they help them find the affected properties quickly on a map and optimise their service routes. As a result, the tenants receive a fast and efficient service and the real estate company reduces its costs.

The above only goes to prove that by incorporating the support of geolocation technologies the real estate sector is taking great strides towards success. At Intelligence Partner we have accumulated a great deal of expertise in this area and, more specifically, as regards the Google Maps Platform.

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