G Suite security: the twilight of traps

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Users of any online application expect, in addition to the application’s features, that their personal and business information will be well protected. Security in G Suite is one of the most important aspects of this suite of tools: its goal is for users to feel protected against phishing attacks and other threats that attempt to take advantage of our sensitive information.

What has Google done to strengthen G Suite security?

In addition to the demanding levels of security that characterise Google’s cloud-based services, the company is also working to develop tools that help G Suite users to work in increasingly safe environments. To this end, it makes use of the capabilities of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, or the constant optimization of detection algorithms.

A good example of G Suite security can be found in its Security Centre, a tool for administrators and managers that combines an analytical overview of the main safety metrics, practical knowledge, and recommendations from Google to enhance the protection of companies, their data, and users.

Another good example is Gmail, which is constantly strengthening its anti-phishing filters or the ability to detect malicious mail or mail with potentially dangerous attachments for further processing.

How can the administrators improve G Suite security?

As we have already seen above, Google offers G Suite administrators a Security Centre, a powerful tool with which each organisation can configure the appropriate levels of protection for the data their applications and users handle.

Thanks to this tool, administrators can:

  • Check security levels and react quickly. The G Suite Security Centre dashboard provides a focussed overview of the main security indicators, as well as of the activity of suspect devices, spam and malware, etc. As all the security tools are grouped in a single place, administrators can react quickly to any attack or potential threat.
  • Establish preventive measures based on reliable information. The constant analysis of security indicators makes it possible to identify and catalogue any threat easily. As a result, it is possible to design and activate the appropriate protocols in risk situations.
  • Follow the advice of the custom checklist. The G Suite Security Centre also provides an attractive functionality: safety checks. The results help improve a company’s security strategy, from data storage and file sharing to the ideal settings for mobile devices and communication.

In the face of phishing threats, one can also consider the 7 ways in which G Suite administrators can help protect accounts from phishing, a topic we discussed in another article in this blog.

What can you do as a user to improve your security when using G Suite?

  • Change your password regularly and use an advanced level of security. The more times you change your passwords, the harder it will be for a hacker or a crook to take control of the application. If the new password includes uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers, it becomes almost impossible.
  • Complete sender identification. When receiving files through G Suite, people do not pay much attention to the email address of the sender. If the name and email look suspicious, it is best to be cautious. If you do not recognise the sender nor have any relationship with the alleged business, it is best not to open the message. Sometimes, attackers use spoofing strategies (impersonating someone, IP, DNS, web, etc.) to make us believe that their messages are from a reliable source. G Suite includes full antivirus features that will help us avoid problems.
  • Make use of G Suite’s antispam capabilities. You will find, for example, that suspicious messages go direct to a spam folder in your email account. Check it regularly.
  • Never lower your guard. This is essential. Despite advances in G Suite security, you should always be alert.

In the light of the above, it is very difficult for hackers and crooks to cause us any harm. As users of this Google solution, we are convinced we shall not fall into their traps thanks to G Suite’s security tools.

Intelligence Partner is a Certified Google Partner. Therefore, we are very familiar with G Suite and its security capabilities. We are at your disposal to show you everything that this solution can offer your organisation.

G Suite security provides peace of mind regarding the safety of your company, your users and your data.

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