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Today’s companies are looking for the highest possible efficiency of their employees, and are increasingly aware that any detail counts: offer them a modern job to develop their activity, encourage them to use collaboration and productivity tools, and even facilitate an environment of “employee-friendly” work. On some of these aspects there are two interesting documents which have come to light in the autumn of 2019: an article by David Thacker, senior manager of Google, published in the company's corporate blog and the report “Make it work. The future of collaboration and productivity”, also from the technology giant. In this article, we comment on Google’s vision of the modern workplace and the changes which organisations have to make to offer it to their employees.

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3 essential changes to modernise the workplace with G Suite

Some classic films, especially in black and white, have shown us what offices were like during much of the twentieth century (a good example is “The Apartment” by Billy Wilder, 1960) or even in the last decades of the previous century. Also, who inhabited them (in more than one case, with visor and sleeves) and how this person carried out their activity in an environment in which the greatest technological advance was represented by typewriters.

Modern jobs have nothing to do with those which were housed in the offices recreated in these cinema classics. These are environments in which companies seek maximum efficiency from their employees, providing them with advanced technological tools such as G Suite which allow them to work in collaborative environments and which contribute dramatically to increasing the productivity and efficiency of the organisation.

Google has thought deeply about the concept of a modern job in two interesting materials published in the early autumn of 2019:

Both documents contain the results of surveys conducted by Google on this topic, together with the opinion of technological and business experts and the advice offered by Google experts themselves.

The two materials from Google affect the need to carry out three important changes to modernise jobs and, as a result, increase the competitiveness of the organisation. In summary, it is about:

  1. Providing tools which save time and help us to work faster. Tasks which add little value and take up a good part of the employees’ working time (attending unnecessary meetings, according to 71% of the respondents in the report; daily email management, for 55%; repetitive manual tasks, for 40%; use of outdated applications, for 38%) should be reduced to a minimum or eliminated. They steal precious time which the employee can devote to innovating, improving efficiency and providing creativity. Google experts recommend leaving behind legacy systems and clearly relying on tools in the Cloud, such as G Suite, which are easily integrable with each other and allow a high degree of task automation. In this way, employees will recover this time and can focus on the tasks which really add value to the organisation.
  2. Facilitating access to knowledge and sharing ideas. In a non-modernised office, an employee loses a lot of time looking for the information they need in corporate repositories (82% spend at least half an hour a day), and if they can’t find it, they can create documents based on their memory. Therefore, 80% of managers agree that it is necessary to access information digitally to improve performance and avoid problems. According to Google, the solution is to offer centralised technologies which speed up access to information and make it easier for employees to share information with their colleagues in a simple way. This agility of access and the ease of sharing information allow us to optimise the processes, unite the teams and foster creativity, considered the best recipe for business success, according to 89% of managers. 
  3. Allowing more flexibility and collaboration. In a technological era in which technology offers multiple options to companies, employees can also benefit from this flexibility. One fact: 83% of younger employees would not remain in an organisation after 5 years if they were not given the opportunity to work wherever they want (for example, telecommuting). And another fact: 74% of employees believe that companies work better if teamwork is encouraged. The new collaboration and productivity tools in the Cloud, such as G Suite, allow employees to work from anywhere and at any time, as well as facilitating real-time teamwork with videoconferencing solutions, text chats, or shared boards to conduct brainstorming sessions. The result: managers are increasingly counting on these collaborative tools (51% until 2021).

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