Develop new and efficient ways of collaboration within your business with G Suite

One of the greatest advantages of the digital conversion processes is the implementation of a new and innovative collaboration culture at all levels of the business. This can be demonstrated, according to a study from the prestigious McKinsey consultants showing that collaboration tools generate an increase of some 20% right from the start, and business productivity also increases by some 30%. With these new forms of collaboration, our organisations can easily surpass their business objectives and exponentially increase staff involvement. G Suite is your best ally in achieving this.

new ways of collaboration

A technology with which to re-imagine your working practices

Managerial staff within businesses work tirelessly towards making each employee feel like an essential part of the processes in which they participate, and that they work jointly with their colleagues to achieve a common objective. This is an essential element, as demonstrated by a study carried out by the prestigious Mckinsey consultancy. The implementation of a collaborative culture within an organisation increases the organisation’s productivity (by between some 20% and 30%) and sets a steady pace towards business success.

The implementation of a collaborative culture should be accompanied by an important technological component, the tools for collaboration and communication. They will allow the effective application of this culture. They will also help you to develop new forms of collaboration that go beyond the traditional ones (for example, internal mail envelopes, printed circulars, etc.), which will increase efficiency in your organisation to a level that you could have hardly imagined before.

G Suite allows businesses to shape and effectively apply these new forms of collaboration. According to Google, the solution “has been developed with a specific vision: to help businesses re-imagine how work can be with the help of flexible and intelligent Cloud tools”, beyond the typical traditional collaboration in real time.  

In a recent article about G Suite on their corporate blog , Google offers various examples of how to develop new forms of collaboration and communication with this productivity suite.

In this article, we offer a rough outline of the proposals for collaboration through G Suite that are put forward by Google:

Creation of documents

Google has analysed the collaborative behaviour of G Suite users and discovered that they tend to work as a group in five main ways. Because of this, it has added new functions to improve the different possibilities for collaboration:

  • Joint publication of documents. G Suite extends its collaborative functions by integrating with other office IT tools, such as Microsoft Office, by being able to work and to search files in this format.
  • Displaying the changes. The modifications history of a G Suite file can detail the elements of a Google Spreadsheet cell, and now it is also possible to compare modifications within the documents themselves.
  • Comments and receipt of feedback. Thanks to the dynamic integrated email, it is now possible to send comments made in Docs, Sheets and Slides directly by Gmail (and to receive them, of course).
  • Assigning and completing tasks. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, G Suite can detect tasks and suggest people to carry out actions.  
  • Document sharing. With its advanced features, G Suite allows you to establish expiry dates for user access to a specific document in Docs, Sheets or Slides, and thanks to the FIDO keys, it also allows you to increase security on these files.


G Suite makes it easier for communication to be made quickly and effectively through three main channels: by email, chat and videoconferencing. The new forms of collaboration proposed by Google are:

  • Email. Due to artificial intelligence, Gmail can now send you reminders much more quickly, to send replies to your colleagues, to prioritise tasks or to create drafts.
  • Chat. Hangouts Chat is now equipped with over 25 bots based on artificial intelligence which help to speed up workflow processes in finance, human resources, CRM, project management, etc. In summary, it will increase your integration with Gmail, and facilitate access to the correct communications channel from just one point.
  • Videoconferencing. Hangouts Meet now offers new functions, such as automatic subtitling or direct transmission for up to 100.000 people. Furthermore, the specific hardware for this tool uses artificial intelligence to detect possible issues and to resolve these automatically.

And if this was not enough, G Suite facilitates two additional tools to motivate collaboration and develop new forms of teamwork. This is Activity Dashboard (which allows users to view how other users have interacted with their files) and Work Insights. The latter is only available to the Systems teams responsible for administrating G Suite, and it offers a global view of use for this solution within the organisation by being able to detect patterns and optimise collaboration processes.

At Intelligence Partner we understand the importance of collaboration in the heart of a business. Because of this, we have developed significant expertise in collaboration tools like G Suite, an indispensable resource for developing new forms of collaboration that will help your business to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase the level of involvement of your employees within any business process that they are a part of
  • Significantly increase client satisfaction due to the speed and efficiency of the services and products received

Tell us about your situation and we will show you how to apply the most innovative collaboration within your organisation.

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