Zamora Company group invests in innovation and digital transformation with G Suite

‘I bought office software, but I received a whole lot more’, José María González, CIO at Zamora Company.



The Zamora Company is a family-owned group that produces and markets premium wines and spirits. With a portfolio of more than 15 national and international brands, this company of Spanish origin is a world sector leader, operating in more than 80 countries.

This company’s the three hallmarks are commitment, independence, and innovation, qualities that have enabled it to create and distribute unique brands with value added on a global scale.

“Our brands are the heart of our company. Our portfolio is our DNA”, José María González, CIO of Zamora Company group.


‘In this new century we have embraced a combination of new technological factors that are leading us change the way we see things: the way we live, our culture, our companies… They are having great repercussions”, said José María. ‘We must be aware of the scope of the changes ahead of us and reflect on the threats and opportunities they generate.

‘These days, many companies are in the throes of an undeniable process of innovation and development. It is a good time for Zamora Company to carry out a digital transformation project to stay up with competitors.’

‘The keys to the digital transformation: invest in innovation as an essential tool’.


Many of Zamora Company’s business processes has become outdated, with very few persons involved in decision-making and a business style reminiscent of another era: internal communication was conducted through non-business channels, most transactions took place on paper, files were not appropriately followed up, there was a need for a single repository to give everyone access to what was needed, etc.

That’s why Zamora Company sought out a platform that would enable everyone to collaborate in real time, with no storage restrictions and no need to make back-up copies of emails. In short, they wanted a cloud-based solution, where information would be available in a secure way from everywhere.

“That was when we contacted Intelligence Partner and they told us about all their success stories with important companies like Cortefiel and Cabify, among others. Right from the start, they were committed and professional, inspiring enormous trust. – explained José María.


The strategy for introducing the solution was even better than expected. Integrating G Suite with our system covered 100% of our needs. It made both online and offline tools more usable, with unlimited storage space and improved the use of G Suite tools individually’, added José María.

The implementation process consisted of:

  • Functional design and core IT strategy
  • Innovation Lab
  • Early Adopters
  • Execution
  • Commissioning
  • Start up

“We set out to achieve digital transformation to help us with our needs at all time. IP was always there, taking care of Zamora Company perfectly, and with the planning abilities of a great partner’, added José María.


‘I was buying office software, but I got much more.’

Zamora Company says that the G Suite solution exceeded all expectations. It was more than office software, it was far more than that. For example, they discovered that the Google Suite includes an MDM, which previously accounted for a large part of the budget. And that’s just one of the many advantages they discovered along the way.

In fact, they did a series of usability surveys on the G Suite tools, from which they extracted the following data:

  • Half of the company already used Google Drive.
  • A total of 74% used Gmail for personal reasons, meaning they were delighted to add the G Suite tools.
  • The entire company was able to share documents.

‘The results at Zamora Company were excellent, an incredible experience with Intelligence Partner. The change was entirely for the better, allowing Zamora Company to take better care of its customers, in a more personalised way. Now we work collaboratively, and users have access to all the information they need about the company wherever they are, on any device, while the business is reliably protected’, explains José María. ‘All thanks to G Suite and, above all, to Intelligence Partner, without whom none of this would have been possible’, he concluded.

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