What do analysts highlight about SugarCRM?


SugarCRM At Intelligence Partner, we have spoken, in this blog and in our webinars, about the many benefits of working with SugarCRM and, of course, we’re not the only ones to see them. Recently, this Cupertino based company has received several awards, positioning it as a benchmark for innovation in the CRM software industry. Its focus on individuals, a key feature that clearly distinguishes it from other solutions, and the fact that it strengthens a corporate culture focused on customers, have been highlighted.

The company, which was established in 2004, is today a consolidated firm with major investors that is growing in Spain; it has more than one and a half million users worldwide and companies belonging to very different sectors – Loomis, Coca Cola or BancVue – are among its customers. Analysts appreciate the merits of this solution as well as the growth of the company, which has led to winning many awards. These are some of them:

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant. 2014 was a great year for SugarCRM. The company grew and was also considered a CRM visionary by Gartner, a prestigious and totally independent consulting firm, in its Sales Force Automation Magic Quadrant; a report prepared by analysts that assesses several solutions and their aspects.
  • The latest of these recognitions came in another quadrant, the SaaS-CRM “Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2015”Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2015” prepared in Germany by Experton Groups. The study, in which analysts assessed almost 500 tools taking into account aspects such as their features, tool integration and usability, mentioned SugarCRM for its technological innovation, partner strategy and its development as an expert CRM business.
  • Last May, the CNBC, a business television channel, published its “Disrupter 50 list, a list of the 50 most revolutionary companies in its sector -involving 16 different sectors – and SugarCRM was ranked 32nd. Companies are chosen based on their innovation in market niches with great potential and, according to this list, the company’s merits consist in having focussed its effort on creating a CRM tool that does not become a problem for salespeople and customers, as has been traditionally the case, and for doing so in an affordable manner.
  • In June, ISM Software Lab included SugarCRM among the top 15 CRM software solutions in the market in the ISM TOP15 Enterprise Software list. This specialized consultancy firm specifically emphasizes its focus on the individual, which reinforces interaction within the team and makes it possible for the company to focus on customers.
  • We cannot fail to mention the “CRM Excellent Award 2015”, granted by TMC in its magazine, Customer. TMC specialises in marketing, b2b and technology. In this case, SugarCRM was chosen as the product of the year for its corporate strategy that focusses on customer relations, which help to transform businesses through the greater awareness of customer life cycles.

These awards are added to what SugarCRM considers most important of all: its experience with users and the results of the companies they work with. If you would like your business to be one of them, please contact Intelligence Partner. We have vast experience implementing CRM tools in companies and providing consultancy services.

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