Teleworking is simpler for workers on the cloud

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Talking about teleworking is nothing new in recent days. It’s just as well our telecommunications infrastructures are ready to make it possible! The stress test has been passed with flying colours. And we hope they continue to provide the service with such good results.


In addition to the benefits linked to work-life balance and ecology (by removing energy consumption and the eventual pollution, components associated with travel), we have realised that teleworking is possible provided that some prerequisites are met. And one of them is opting for cloud technology.

Teleworking is a reality that forms part of our DNA

Something we are very clear about at Intelligence Partner: we are ‘The Cloud Consulting Company’; the ability to telework is something that forms part of our day to day reality. And that’s why we want to share some recommendations so your videoconferences are as productive as possible.

Before running through them, let’s not forget about security, a fundamental aspect when you want to open up the perimeter of your work environment beyond the walls of your office. Security in accessing information, transmission, communications and the eventual local/cache storage in remote devices. It is something that we at Intelligence Partner are very aware of.

Six ideas to improve the experience during your videoconferences

  • Choose the appropriate environment. Avoid sitting with your back to windows which can dazzle or distract the participants. A smooth wall would be perfect. And place the laptop on a stable base: movements and vibrations from the camera are very annoying for other people.
  • It isn’t always necessary to schedule meetings. If the thread of conversation is becoming complicated by email, you can start a videocall on the spur of the moment. You will have the freedom to set up a meeting using Calendar, email or telephone. And if the other person doesn’t have a good bandwidth, Hangouts Meet can provide local telephone numbers depending on the country, to cheapen the call costs.
  • Activate the subtitles. If you are in a noisy environment and it is unavoidable, Meet provides you with live subtitles. Just like the ones on television. (Only currently available in English)
  • Only share what is necessary. In other words, only the window of content to present, not your entire desktop.
  • Change the design of the screen. Hangouts Meet automatically changes the design of videocalls to display content and the more active participants, but you can manually apply the design you want.
  • Be natural. Showing a bit of your personal life when teleworking can encourage stronger bonds with your work colleagues and even create empathy for whatever you are doing outside of work.

To make teleworking a reality, you need an appropriate working environment, and precisely Google can provide the essential elements: the operating system, the browser, specific devices for business use, and the collaboration tools.

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