Tableau Prep: the solution that “Cleans, fixes and polishes” Business Intelligence data

Business Intelligence

When processing all the information generated by our business (Big Data) and we want to prepare it for analysis by Business Intelligence tools, the well-known motto of the Royal Spanish Language Academy is ideal; to unlock the full potential of business, you first need to select the information, filter it and prepare it for processing.

Tableau, a specialist in business intelligence tools, has just launched Tableau Prep, a tool that simplifies and speeds up this business data preparation process.
Some of the main Business Intelligence solutions on the market do not offer this feature. Furthermore, they require little more than one data source to start processing. Consequently, what degree of reliability do those analyses merit? The answer is obvious.

What does the Tableau Prep Business Intelligence tool provide?

Aware of the need to select and filter the data correctly to extract all possible value from the information, Tableau Prep provides users with a very attractive, intuitive, and visual experience. Let’s list some of its main features:

  • Highly visual data source selection with the possibility of combining multiple sources for analysis (physical or in the Cloud) and file types (from spreadsheets to databases). On this point, Tableau Prep is clearly different from some of the main BI tools on the market
  • Change data prior to the analysis. You can edit values directly in Tableau Prep, change the type of columns, etc., and immediately check the results!
  • Automate tasks and create data clusters. Tableau Prep helps you successfully prepare data; so that you can achieve the results you need instantly. In this sense, the tool provides a useful function: the grouping of similar items.
  • Full integration with Tableau’s BI solutions. After filtering and preparing the data, Tableau Prep forwards them to be analysed. In a standard process, the results are displayed on the Tableau Desktop. Moreover, if you want to share any item involved in the preparation process, you can do so through Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

What are the benefits of Tableau Prep for your business?

If we had to summarize them in three words, these would be Ease, Quality and Speed. Ease thanks to the intuitive nature of the tool, which has a user-friendly and visual interface that simplifies interaction.

Quality, thanks to the excellent workflow in all the stages of the data selection and preparation process, including the possibility to change the data and orders at any time.

Finally, Speed because Tableau Prep is a BI solution that greatly speeds up data preparation and results, and shares information through other Tableau tools.

Furthermore, speed is a key aspect when trying to take advantage of business opportunities.

And the benefits do not end there. Intelligence Partner, as a Tableau partner, has extensive knowledge and experience in Tableau’s Business Intelligence suite and in this tool. Therefore, we can offer you a free trial version of Tableau Prep, so you can try it from today.

Clean, fix, and polish your business data with Tableau Prep and Intelligence Partner. Let’s do this together!

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