Salesfusion and SugarCRM: Benefits of integrating Marketing Automation into a CRM


Until not long ago, companies functioned as archipelagos. Their different work teams were physically very close, but they acted like islands without connection to one another. One of the most significant gaps was that between the Marketing and Sales teams, which could have disastrous consequences for the organisation. In recent years, leading software manufacturers have begun to solve this situation by integrating Marketing Automation tools and CRM solutions (such as Salesfusion and SugarCRM), making it easier for these strategic business areas to be 100% aligned.

CRM y Marketing Automation

Why integrate your CRM and Marketing Automation solutions?

Today’s companies are realising the need for their Sales and Marketing teams to work in the same direction. To achieve this, one of the best ways is to represent, in a native way, the main management tools with which each team works: on the one hand, the corporate CRM solution and the Marketing Automation solution.

The main benefits which this native integration provides to companies are the following:

  • Perfect alignment between Sales and Marketing. The native integration between a CRM solution and one of Marketing Automation (as between SugarCRM and Salesfusion, for example) guarantees full communication between the two departments: the information is shared in a fluid way. Thanks to this, a complete follow-up of a lead can be made, from the first contact to their conversion into customers. Both departments can also know what campaigns/actions have been carried out on them, as well as their response in each case. In short, Sales and Marketing work with the same information and following a line of joint action.
  • Process automation. The integration between a CRM solution and a Marketing Automation solution will make it easier for the Sales and Marketing teams to focus on lead capture tasks (segmentation, generation of campaigns and monitoring, for example) and the consolidation of the installed base. And this is because the union of these management solutions mechanises numerous processes, since they incorporate workflow engines which automatically execute the opportune actions of each commercial or marketing process. A good example is the nurturing process, which can be performed on clients and potential clients.
  • Optimisation of reporting. Thanks to the information, the Sales and Marketing teams can know in real time what they are doing well, what they need to improve, as well as the progress of operations. Integrating a CRM solution and a Marketing Automation solution (for example, SugarCRM and Salesfusion) allows you to accurately manage and monitor the different key performance indicators (KPIs) in specific dashboards as well as in complete reports and lists which are generated automatically (for example, about the engagement of the materials received by the recipient of a campaign or the analytics of the corporate website).
  • Saving time and money. The integration of CRM and Marketing Automation offers a significant saving of time and money, especially if it is native (as in the case of SugarCRM with Salesfusion). Thanks to the optimisation of processes and their full automation, employees in the Marketing and Sales areas can concentrate on critical tasks which generate value and ensure the success of commercial work. Due to the increase in sales and the success rate of marketing actions (attracting traffic to the website, creating campaigns and web pages designed exclusively to convert leads through embedded forms, success of the lead nurturing process, advanced analytics, etc.), the return on investment (ROI) is much faster.

As you have seen, the integration of Marketing Automation and CRM can bring great benefits to your company. At Intelligence Partner we want you to see them adapted to the characteristics of your organisation, since we have our consultants and specialists accumulate a significant amount of knowledge in these areas and in products such as SugarCRM and Salesfusion, which guarantees the success of your project.

Do you want to start aligning and integrating your sales and marketing strategies and actions 100%? Don’t miss the opportunity and get in touch with us right away. 

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