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We are in the era of digital transformation. It involves a profound change which transcends the technological aspect: companies have to reorient their business models to the customer. And it is the case that the new profile of the customer or consumer of our products or services is much more demanding than years ago: they seek immediacy and personalisation in their interactions with our company. In short, they seek to enjoy on-demand experiences, adapted to their needs. In this context, geolocation tools such as Google Maps play a fundamental role.

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On-demand experiences and Google Maps Platform, a winning combination

We have just made reference to the paradigm shift which digital transformation means for companies, far beyond technology.

It implies a change in the organisational culture, which must reorient its business processes and strategies with an eye on the final recipient: the client. In this context we must perceive technology as a great ally to achieve this goal, a vehicle to easily redefine business models and align the daily work of employees with the achievement of maximum customer satisfaction.

Another of our great allies is data. A large part of them are generated from the usual business of the companies, while others are captured from the nearest environment. Regardless of its origin, this information will help the company to adjust its products and services to the needs or demands of its customers.

In this area, based on data provided by devices with geolocation technology, companies can respond to these demands. This is the case with some organisations which have excelled by integrating tools such as Google Maps with the services they offer, in order to generate authentic on-demand experiences for their customers.

Examples of on-demand experience thanks to geolocation

One of the best which has taken advantage of this combination of technology and services is Glovo. This company, created in Barcelona in 2015, is dedicated to the purchase, collection and delivery of orders in less than an hour through a network of independent messengers.

For this, it relies on geolocation technology, more specifically on Google Maps. Thanks to the knowledge of the exact location of the customer who places the order, it is able to offer a  more than satisfactory on-demand experience:

  • The order is sent to the dealer (“glover”) closest to the customer
  • It makes it easier for the customer to follow the dealer in real time
  • It allows you to know the route of the dealer and calculate the time necessary to receive the order
  • It offer the customer promotions and offers based on their location (similar to geofencing)
  • It provides locations of establishments based on the customer’s location

As we can see,  Glovo uses the customer’s geolocation information to create value, optimise its services and offer the best on-demand experience to its customers. Integrating the technology of Google Maps Platform into its business model has allowed this company to reach 500 employees in only 4 years and it invoiced about 100 million euros in the last year. And one more fact: in 2017 the consultancy Interbrand already mentioned Glovo as one of the 40 companies which will change the world, being the only Spanish company in this select group.

At Intelligence Partner we are a Premier Partner of the Google Maps Platform, so we know perfectly how to implement technology and geolocation services so that companies offer on-demand experiences to their customers.

If you are interested in getting ahead of the competition and advancing in the digital transformation process of your organisation, you just have to get in touch with us and explain what features define your company. Based on this information, we will show you how to make Google Maps Platform a fundamental player by offering your experiences on demand.

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