Making Google Voice easier to use on your computer

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What’s changing

We’re making some improvements to the Google Voice web app. These will make it easier to find the right contact, quicker to place calls, and simpler to control audio settings. Specific improvements include:

  • Always-visible call panel
  • One-click calling
  • Quick access to mic and audio settings

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Who’s impacted

End users

Why you’d use it

It’s important for a telephony system to be quick and intuitive to use. These improvements will make it simpler to use Google Voice, so users spend less time navigating the product interface and more time communicating through it.

How to get started

Additional details

Always visible call panel
The new call panel will be in the same place regardless of what you’re doing in the Google Voice app—checking messages, listening to voicemails, or something else. This will make it quicker and easier to place calls when you need to.

One-click calling
A new quick call option will appear when users hover over a contact in their call list. This will allow users to make calls faster.

Quick access to mic and audio settings
A new icon in the main action bar will give instant access to common audio settings. These include what microphone and audio output to use before or during a call, as well as what device should ring for incoming calls.

Google Voice computer

Helpful links

Help Center: Call someone with Google Voice
Help Center: Change the microphone or speakers on your computer


Rollout details

G Suite editions
Available to all G Suite editions with Google Voice licenses

On/off by default?
These features will be ON by default.

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