Main new developments of ‘Google Cloud Next 2020: On Air’

Accelerating the digital transformation, the lynchpin of the latest developments of ‘Google Cloud Next 2020: On Air’
Google is driving digital transformation, even in its main events. The best demonstration is that in 2020, its well-known ‘Google Cloud Next’ session has become a 100% digital event, now being called ‘Google Cloud Next’: On Air’. From 14th July to 8th September, we have been able to discover the significant developments associated with Google Cloud Platform and G Suite in more than 200 online sessions, which are going to mean a significant step forward in the digital transformation of companies. In this article we reflect the most notable ones.

Google Cloud Next 2020

What has ‘Google Cloud Next: On Air’ focussed on?

The acceleration of digital transformation in companies, largely due to the effects of COVID-19, has been the main focus of this digital event. Prominent leaders from the world of business and Google’s development managers including the CEO of Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian, and the director of G Suite, Javier Soltero, have shared the company’s strategic vision and the way it is reflected in its different solutions on the cloud.

The more than 200 online sessions from this event have been organised around the following concepts:

  • General overview of the industry
  • Productivity and collaboration
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Data analysis
  • Management of data and databases
  • Modernisation of applications: development and execution of applications through open coding and other solutions.
  • Artificial Intelligence (and Machine Learning) on the cloud: incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to the business
  • Platform of business applications: design, protection, analysis and scaling of API with visibility and control

Main new developments of ‘Google Cloud Next 2020: On Air’

The duration of this digital event, with more than 200 online sessions, has helped the giant Mountain View to consistently and gradually present the numerous developments and improvements of Google Cloud Platform and many of its associated solutions. In this article from the Google Cloud blog you can see the details from each of the nine weeks of the event.

All of the improvements and new developments have been developed and incorporated with the objective of accelerating the digital transformation of companies. According to the opinions of prominent technological and business analysts, as well as the management of Google Cloud itself, the most important aspects shown on ‘Google Cloud Next: On Air’ relate to:

Improvements in infrastructures

Google has expanded the physical presence of its infrastructure throughout the world, it has added interesting new developments in this field. These include:

  • New capabilities in computing with a greater availability of the Bare Metal solution.
  • Storage features with high scale file solutions.
  • New networks with improvements in CDN solutions, Cloud Armour and Network Intelligence Center.
  • New features derived from Machine Learning, for the improvement of the usability of the infrastructures.

Modernisation of multi-cloud applications:

Due to the success in response to Anthos, Google’s business applications platform, work has been done on incorporating features to improve the interaction of this platform with third party Cloud environments. In this regard, the following developments stand out:

  • Capabilities to use Anthos in hybrid environments between Bare Metal and other clouds, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • New tools for the migration and updating of workloads to Google Cloud.

Control of data

Another of the main developments announced by Google is Confidential VM. These are confidential virtual machines that facilitate the execution of workloads on Google Cloud and the encryption of data even when they are being processed, not just when they are stored or in transit. This solution from Google successfully satisfies the requirements of businesses from highly regulated sectors (for example, financial services).

Multi-cloud analysis

Google has taken advantage of this event to present BigQuery Omni. It is a new multi-cloud analysis solution based on Anthos technology which expands Google’s analytics platform to other public clouds. With the BigQuery interface, it will be possible to access other data repositories without moving any information, to create information with added value for the business, all from one single dashboard. Other new developments:

  • New features to optimise analytics with new natural language interfaces.
  • Improvements in Looker, the Business Intelligence solution from Google.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

During Google Cloud Next: On Air, Google has demonstrated significant new

developments in the field of AI and machine learning, designed to facilitate the implementation and use of these technologies in the day-to-day running of organisations. The following stand out:

  • Improved experience in machine learning operations (MLOps). Google has created a prior presentation of new tools from its AI Platform: Prediction backend GA, Managed Pipelines, Metadata, Experiments and Model Evaluation. These solutions automate and monitor all of the construction phases of machine learning systems (integration, tests, launch, distribution and management of infrastructures) in organisations, so the process is carried out quickly and profitably.
  • Dialogflow CX. The technological giant has launched the latest version of Dialogflow, called Dialogflow CX. It is a comprehensive and advanced package for the creation and development of conversational AI applications (chatbots, voice bots and IVR) on apps and websites, which facilitates the visual creation of bots. Fully embeddable with business applications and communication solutions, this multiplatform environment stands out for enabling complex conversations and being 100% multichannel (the bot is created once and is implemented in the different digital channels such as the customer service centres of organisations.
  • Additional compliance controls: Google has made Assured Workloads for Government public (only available at the moment in USA). This solution facilitates the application of automatic controls on workloads, complying with the advanced standards of security of the public administration (especially regarding the location of data and access of the users). Its adaptation to the requirements of other markets is being worked on, where it will be available in the near future.

Productivity and collaboration

Google has presented numerous improvements for G Suite. These include:

  • New work environment (workplace) of this solution which has just integrated basic tools like video, chat, email, files and tasks.
  • Improvements and updates in security for Gmail, Meet and Chat
  • New options to facilitate the management and protection of devices from the management console.
  • New features and tools for the G Suite developer platform.
  • AppSheet, a no-code development solution for apps for users of G Suite Essentials.

Industry solutions

In its continuous improvement strategy of its industry solutions (especially retail, financial services, communications, health and manufacturing), Google has incorporated new capabilities to take maximum advantage of the 5G network as a business services platform. Notable in this regard:

  • Creation of a portfolio and market of 5G solutions developed together with communications companies.
  • Open cloud platform for the development of these applications focussed on the network.
  • Globally distributed framework for the rollout of these solutions.

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