Intelligence Partner´s Kick Off in Porto. Two days we will never forget!




There is no match starts without one, there is no moment of greater hope and illusion than the initial kick, it all starts with a Kick Off.

On Monday morning, early, really early, the Intelligence Partner team in Spain took a flight to Porto, a city steeped in history that would become historic for the IP family as well.

As Greeks and Romans did, we came to the city not knowing much of what we could find. Straight from the airport to the hotel, we felt steady and ready to face a day of presentations, talks and exercises.

The ball circulated fluently, we talked about how the year had been, the goals achieved and the challenges ahead.

But it was not all work. At the end of the day, also together, we left the hotel. It was time for dinner. Good food enlivened by emotional fados, toasts, laughs and dancing … A great night!

When we woke up on Tuesday, we knew it was time to discover the city. Stroll through the old town, see its trams, cross the Ponte Luis I, drink a good Porto wine in a cellar and eat a cod on the banks of the Douro river.

In short, we wandered through Porto’s streets and enjoyed our time together, discovering a city in an intense day that we will never forget.

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