Have you seen the new Google App Maker?

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Creating personal productivity and business applications is now simple and safe thanks to the Google App Maker.

Before summer, Google launched an interesting update to its App Maker, a very powerful tool that enables G Suite users to create their own applications. Applications that adapt to a very specific task, which is automating workflows, such as a budget request, expenditure approvals, filling in or resolving Help Desk inquiries, etc. The goal? Create applications without the need for in-depth knowledge of programming languages to make them work.

The App Maker project is not new. Google has been working on it since 2016 with Early Adopter type programs. But, finally, App Maker has now been available to G Suite users for a few weeks.

Create applications without having to rely on an IT department

Analysts estimate that by using the appropriate mobile application employees could save up to 7.5 hours each week. If that is true, why are such applications not being developed?

Because IT departments usually spend their budgets on “large projects” linked to CRM, ERP or SCM solutions and they do not invest time in smaller issues that could save employees a lot of time in their day-to-day tasks. But it is precisely these tasks that do not receive the more expensive and powerful solutions.

This short video explains how the IT department at EA Games used Google App Maker to automate personnel management and project resources.

The tool uses a simple language called Google App Script in a cloud environment with which you can design applications quickly and safely. The Google App Maker supports Cloud SQL, a fully cloud-based database service that provides full scalability and high performance levels, and Bring Your Own Database (“BYODB”) type support so that you can connect to it via JDBC or a REST API.

A fast and simple development environment

Based on drag and drop systems, you can use examples, templates or start from scratch to create applications and automate tasks quickly and easily.

In addition, App Maker connects to Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, etc. By linking to the data and services that you need at each moment, you can create very powerful applications to improve your productivity through Apps Script with access to more than 40 Google services, the Google Cloud Platform and third-party services that support JDBC and REST.

If you are a G Suite administrator, don’t worry: you will have full control over the Apps that your organisation has launched, you will know who has created them, obtain metrics on their use and, of course, you will be in control of user privileges. They may only be used by the users you approve.

Isn’t that amazing? Are you a G Suite user who hasn’t started to take advantage of the Google App Maker yet? If you need help, you can count on us to take the first steps. We shall provide the experience and training you need so you can move forward eventually in a completely autonomous manner.

In addition, you can see App Maker in action in this webinar, where, in addition to seeing how it works, we explain its latest features.

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