Google Maps, toward Digital Transformation using the geolocation

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Insurance, health, banking... are just some of the sectors that can benefit greatly from geolocation services. Google Maps, the undisputed leader in geopositioning, has the technology needed to improve user experience and we can incorporate it into any business.

Digital Transformation and Geolocation


There is no doubt that interaction with customers can make all the difference in the relationship between businesses and their target audience. The digitalization of businesses is a one-way path for all organisations, as is assuming the mobility of our customers. And this forces us to improve our services each day.

Google Maps is driving the digital transformation of many companies, and is having a particularly positive effect in these three sectors:


In the case of insurers and insurance brokers, geolocation can be very useful when processing accidents; it can help customers save time when processing a claim, and also in the appraisal (it is now the time of tele-appraisals) and repair phases. For example, by facilitating the location of approved repair shops when choosing where you want to have your car repaired. In the case of home maintenance and repairs, it helps by clearly establishing the location of customers to optimise the routes of the technical services, whether your own or outsourced.

Or why not provide policy holders with the location of service providers in their area, filtering them appropriately by speciality and type of incident? A plumber, electrician, locksmith… When the end customer has a problem at home that needs to be solved quickly, they expect an efficient response and an immediate solution from the insurer.


Lists of addresses of professional services are no longer as useful as in the past. When we are looking for a doctor or a health service linked to our health insurance, it no longer makes much sense to access our insurance company’s website and enter our postal code to obtain a more or less extensive list of approved centres. What if we are travelling, what postal code shall we enter? A map and distance calculator will help resolve the situation more efficiently and provide better results.


Banks are also using geolocation, not only to provide the locations of their branch offices, but to provide extremely relevant information, such as the opening hours of each office, or the type of customers in which they specialise. The geolocation of ATMs is also important, whether own or associated ATMs, indicating any applicable commissions, suggestions to avoid them, and advantageous conditions when choosing one or another. Let’s not forget that banks encourage customer loyalty through the use of their payment systems in shops. And geolocation can also play an important role in providing all kinds of mechanisms to facilitate the selection of shops that are participating in a promotion.


In short, customers are becoming familiar with the use of mobility solutions that facilitate their relationship with service providers, to such an extent that providing this type of value-added services has become a necessity. However, there is still a long way to go. For example, augmented reality. Why settle for the aerial view of a map, when interaction and positioning could take users to the next level?


Enhanced support for data analytics

From the point of view of an organisation, geolocating customers also provides interesting information to calculate resources, negotiate better contracts with partners and service suppliers. When geographic coordinates are added to the amount of data that we collect from our relationship with clients, we can take our Business Intelligence analytics one step further.

It is time to ensure customer loyalty by correctly processing their data, moving toward a more personalized relationship, offering insurance policies that are more customised, improving claims analyses… and Google’s leadership in the field of maps and geopositioning is indisputable.

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