Google leads cloud data warehouses according to Forrester

Google Cloud

The prestigious technological analyst Forrester Research has once again recognised Google Cloud as being one of the leading Cloud Data Warehouses on the market. Over the last 2 years the technological consultant has achieved the distinction of Leader 6 times in the Forrester reports.

Cloud data warehouses

A well known Spanish light opera “The fair of La Paloma” featured an expression which became popular: “Nowadays science is making tremendous progress”, which ended up becoming “Science is advancing tremendously”.

It is no longer necessary for many companies working in local environments to contract complex and costly database hardware and software in order to save their business information (not to mention the problem of updates and the renewing of equipment). This was the perfect cocktail for a permanent headache.

The cloud, and in particular the Cloud Data Warehouse, has led to a true change of paradigm: It has revolutionised how our data are administered and processed and even the way of analysing them to obtain valuable information.

Let’s put the cherry on the cake: it has revolutionised business management by allowing users to concentrate on business instead of having to resolve complicated situations with storage hardware and software. It therefore follows that more and more companies are passing their data warehouses from local environments to the cloud, making use of the advantages of platforms such as Google Cloud.

The Google Cloud platform, a leader for Forrester

Cloud Data Warehouse

In the Forrester Wave report technological experts of the consultant assess the main cloud data storage solutions currently available on the market.

The latest issue, which was published in November 2018, continues to rank the Google Cloud solution as leader and emphasises aspects such as performance, data protection, and scalability. It also gives it the highest mark in 11 of the categories assessed, which should be stressed compared with the remainder of the suppliers analysed by Forrester: Amazon, Oracle, Snowflake, and Microsoft, to mention but a few.

The Forrester experts synthesise the virtues of the Cloud Data Warehouse by Google, which needs neither the installation of any software nor maintenance and facilitates the administration of replicas and backup copies:

  • Scalability and high performance of the cloud data storage platform: Google BigQuery can analyse up to hundreds of petabytes with standard SQL
  • Speed in the transformation of data
  • Automation to simplify the administration of the platform
  • Feeding of data at high speed and in real time
  • High integration with artificial intelligence devices
  • Full integration of BigQuery with other Google Cloud tools and services: for example Google Drive, Cloud BigTable, Google Sheets…
  • Solid capacities of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Road map of the platform in evolution with the extension of the capacities of AI and automatic learning.

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