The Google Cloud platform will win the cloud computing race

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Today, there is strong competition between the major Cloud platforms on which the main cloud management applications are run: Google, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure. Although it may seem that AWS is currently ahead of its competitors, it is a passing and fleeting leading position. According to the experts, Google has all the cards in its favour to become the final and true champion of the race for the Cloud. Just like what happens in sports such as cycling, especially in the major competitions (the Tour, the Spanish Vuelta, and the Giro in Italy).

In recent times, Forbes has published “Google is Winning the Cloud War“, an article signed by Mario Ciabarra, CEO of Quantum Metrics. It provides solid arguments to demonstrate its position, which is the same one as we have at Intelligence Partner thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Google Cloud platform. Below, we are going to try to make a brief summary of these reasons, but changing the war-type vocabulary and focusing on something more familiar: toplevel cycling.

The Google Cloud platform is waiting for the right moment to take the lead

Ciabarra starts by providing an interesting fact: the current cloud market leader is Amazon, especially with regard to invoicing, number of clients and services. This information should not ignore that there are many other factors to take into consideration: for example, the moment of the market, the strength of the proposal, platform architecture, and so on.

As with the major cycling competitions, the leader after the early stages will not be the leader at the end of the race. These first yellow jerseys stand out for their power in mass sprints and in the easier stages. In these conditions, they have the advantage. However, as the race progresses, they will fade away and the more regular and solid candidates will come to the forefront.

They perform above the average

Even the most basic tools and processes on the Google Cloud platform have been designed to provide superior performance when compared to the competition, in large part due to the capabilities of the infrastructure. Examples: according to Ciabarra, the maximum read and write speeds of Google’s discs triple that of Amazon’s; they even exceed maximum network values (2 Gbps / CPU in the case of Google Cloud versus a maximum of 0.3 Gbps / CPU for Amazon).

The great cycling champions act in a similar way. Thanks to an important prior study, champions know how to consistently generate more and better watts at the most demanding moments (for example, climbing mountains, such as the Tourmalet).

Other outstanding factors

There are other points in which Google excels when compared to its main competitors. Among them are the following:

Security: Google’s data centres use the most advanced physical and digital security measures (protection by means of laser beams, hardware protected by safe chips), a factor that offers great peace of mind to sectors such as banking, which require greater levels of security.

Pricing policy: the monthly rates applied in Google Cloud are the most affordable, and can achieve up to 100 dollars of savings per month when compared to the most expensive rates (Azure).

Simplified and flexible architecture: Unlike most rigid architectures (Azure) or even those that offer complicated customization options (Amazon), Ciabarra stresses that Google offers developers a simplified architecture and development blocks that are more flexible and customizable, allowing them to achieve their goals quickly and easily.

Investment and victories of prestige: Google constantly invests in innovation and in expanding the capabilities of its cloud platform. A good example is its 30,000 million dollar investment plan. In addition, it is beating its competitors in such important accounts as Disney, Colgate or eBay.

Although Amazon is the current Cloud platform market leader, Google is close behind. As in the case of the winners of major cycling competitions, it is doing more than enough to reach the top of the general classification at the right time. It is the most complete and has the best equipment. It is only a matter of time.

At Intelligence Partner, we would like you to know everything the Google Cloud platform can offer. If you want, we can have a look at it together!

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