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Looking for maximum profitability of investments is one of the eternal objectives of managers. Now they have it easy with a collaboration tool like G Suite, which leads the list of solutions that offer one of the biggest reductions in IT costs and return on investment on the market year after year. This is shown by a recent study from the consultancy firm Forrester about the total economic impact of G Suite on companies. One of the most notable examples is an ROI of 449%. And this is just the beginning.

Forrester highlights the economic impact of G Suite on organisations

All business investments must be well-founded and with a clear objective: achieve maximum return on investments. If other benefits are added to this profitability, such as optimisation of processes, cohesion of work teams or increase in productivity, to give some examples, the attraction of investment for management increases exponentially.

The prestigious consultancy firm, Forrester, has illustrated it withG Suite in one of their latest studies. The study, published in February 2020 and entitled “The Total Economic Impact of Google G Suite”, includes an important set of data that shows the benefits on an economic level of the solution of Google collaboration and productivity on a company.

Using the characteristics of the companies surveyed in this study, they created a typical company on which to carry out calculations to find out the economic impact of the solution. The results were spectacular:

  • 6.4 million dollars in profits in three years with costs of 1,165,104, with a net present value (NPV) of 5.2 million
  • Return on investment (ROI) of 449%

Along with these results, Forrester also describes the economic benefits that G Suite provides a company. These include:

  • Increase in revenue (close to 1 million dollars). Forrester found that G Suite facilitates the transformation of the companies surveyed, thanks to the implementation of a culture of collaboration and the reduction of costs in technological infrastructure (G Suite is a Cloud solution). In the typical company created by the consultancy, the transformation driven by G Suite translates into:
    • Increase in revenue of close to one million dollars.
    • Annual growth in revenue between 2 and 2.5% during the first three years with G Suite
  • More efficient and productive employees (3.3 million). The collaborative component of G Suite facilitates the increase in efficiency and productivity of the employees who make up the workforce. Factors such as 24/7 availability of the solution on any device, collaborative work and its constant functional updates enable employees to increase their productivity and, with it, the business opportunities for the company. In the study by Forrester, the increase in employee efficiency involves 52% of the total income.
  • More efficient and productive IT teams (around 0.6 million). According to the consultancy’s findings, since G Suite is a cloud based solution, the company’s systems staff no longer take care of the updates and can focus on tasks of greater added value. G Suite also offers administration tools to systems teams which make their work much simpler.
  • More secure IT (0.25 million) Forrester highlights that the powerful security capabilities of G Suite, including its filters against emails that are harmful to the company, as well as the ease of control for each user and the simplicity of the audits mean that the IT team can focus on tasks with a greater added value.
  • Reducing the risk of data attacks (0.33 million). Compared to other solutions, Forrester highlights that the Google cloud where the G Suite solution is stored offers one of the highest levels of security for companies’ information, which practically eliminates malicious attacks to subtract sensitive information (95% reduction in risk according to the data managed by the consultancy).
  • Reduction in capital expenditure (capex) and operating expenditure (opex) (0.94 million). The development of an environment of client/server applications to the platform on the G Suite cloud carries with it a spectacular reduction in hardware costs, software licenses and other related costs (for example, business trips thanks to the collaboration and video conferencing tools).

The cost saving withG Suite is, therefore, one of the most notable strengths of this suite of office and collaboration tools. At Intelligence Partner, Certified Premier Partner of Google and in-depth experts G Suite, we know it well.

We want your organisation to also be able to benefit from one of the solutions of the market year after year, in accordance with the most renowned consultants and analysts, it is the market leader thanks to its spectacular reduction of costs and its constant functional evolution.

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