Edit your new Google Sites faster with a revamped Settings menu

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Quick launch summary 

Google has made some improvements to the “Settings” menu in new Google Sites. Specifically, Google has consolidated the location of several settings into one place, making it easier for site editors to access and configure different options for their sites.

For example, you can now now add a favicon to your site by going to Settings > Brand images. Or, to add Google Analytics tracking to your site, go to Settings > Analytics.

Google has also given site editors the new option to hide anchor links from site viewers on a published site. Currently, anchor links appear by default when site viewers hover over headings on a page. With this new setting, found in Settings > Viewer tools, site editors now have even more control over how a published site looks. Visit the Help Center to learn more about using anchor links in new Google Sites.

Getting started 

End users:

  • Settings menu: The new Settings menu will be available by default. In the “Resources” section below, you’ll find a list of features that can now be accessed in the Settings menu.
  • Anchor links: Use our Help Center to learn more about adding or disabling anchor links in new Google Sites

Rollout pace 


  • Available to all G Suite customers 


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