Task4Work, the solution for BFIX

Luciano García, General Manager of BFIX: “Our competitors try to do what we do, but they can’t and one of the reasons is Task4Work"



BFIX is a multi-service business operating in more than 30 Brazilian cities. It opened 23 years ago to provide cleaning services and today specialises in maintenance services in corporate buildings.  


BFIX was facing one major management challenge.  

Its added value lies in providing an efficient and fast service tailored to the needs of its customers. It operates over a large geographical area, where it guarantees the best quality and offers the fastest and most efficient solutions, attending its customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To ensure a good service, the business needed a management tool that enabled it to organise such a workload efficiently and transparently so that it could focus on customer loyalty.



With Task4Work the company has managed to increase the productivity of its workers significantly. They are now capable of doing more tasks in their shifts thanks to the optimisation in the allocation of tasks and of their schedules.

In the past, it was difficult to assign a certain task to the most appropriate worker. Now, to propose the allocation of tasks to the most appropriate workers, the tool takes work shifts, availability, and skills into account and, more importantly for BFIX, the location of the workforce.

The dispatchers have real-time knowledge of where each worker is and of the status of each task. This means that the coordination of all the field workers has become a lot easier. The dispatchers no longer have to call the field workers to find out where they are or what they are doing: all the information is available and centralised in Task4Work in real time.

However, in addition to the advantages regarding the geographical aspects, BFIX has experienced a positive development in their relationships with customers thanks to Task4Work. The Internet assessment system and its decentralised and regional supervision enable them to provide local service assessments resulting in a closer and more transparent relationship.

Customer loyalty is helping them grow as a business thanks to their ability to offer a reliable, efficient, and top-quality service.



In short, thanks to the use of Task4Work in their day-to-day tasks, BFIX has achieved the following:

  • Implement a new and more efficient working system
  • Control and manage workers effectively
  • Improve service quality
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Establish a difference with the competition
  • Grow
  • Integration with their CRM tool
  • Greater external and internal transparency

More advantages:

  • A simple and quick integration process
  • Remote configuration of the tool
  • Practical training of field workers and dispatchers
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