Begin a CRM project: a roadmap to tackle it successfully


Improving the digital customer experience will be the second investment priority for the upcoming 12 months with the Digital Transformation projects of Spanish companies, led only by the optimization of operations.

Proyecto CRM

This is one of the principal IDC Predictions for 2019, an annual report prepared by IDC Research España and that on this occasion is also based on its first study of Digital Indicators of Spanish Companies. In this order of priorities, it is preceded by: the optimization of the company operations through digital processes and automation. Something that is closely in line with what we are going to share below.

This improvement of the Customer Experience (CX) does not deal simply with modernizing the technological architecture, but also with improving the business organization through new digital operational and commercial models in a very dynamic way.

The fact is that the transformation of the businesses are driven by the constant changes in consumers, in their social behaviour, in their expectations of immediacy (with its enormous impact on logistics), and of course, in the way in which the new companies interact. The digital natives are offering answers to their customers in a faster way and with less costs. Are you prepared to compete with them?

The CRM is important, and becoming more so

According to the consulting firm Gartner, 89% of the organizations conceive a good Customer Experience as a first-rate differentiating element. In fact, according to McKinsey, the leaders in CX manage to increase their profits from 5 to 10 percent with respect to the competition. Because no less than up to 25 percent of the consumers are capable of abandoning a supplier to go with a competitor after only one bad experience (The cost of Crappy Customer Experience, Thunderhead Customer Survey).

How can you be differentiated and improve that digital experience? It is clear that putting into motion an innovative CRM project that undertakes the entire Customer Journey is the solution to the new omni-channelling paradigm of the customers and to their ever-changing situation.

It must be a solution that is integrated with the rest of my business processes, offering a true platform that facilitates the integration and giving end-to-end coverage to all the processes of my company. That offers an intuitive user experience, which can be used at any time and from any device, that is aligned with my business processes and that facilitates the automation of work flows. This process optimization was precisely the first priority to which the IDC study referred.

In fact, a CRM is the best place to capture, qualify and administer the activities with each customer, providing visibility of each and every one of the individual customers, available to each person of my organization. From the customer service personnel to the public and even to the managers.

In a CRM project, technology is not everything

No less important is the choice of a supplier that can really understand your particular problem. One that implements the solution capable of satisfying your needs, that provides you with simple configuration and personalization tools, and that you can make grow and evolve with your business. You need a true expert for your specific “CRM Journey”.

And that partner is precisely the one that should be capable of advising you and providing the best metrics, the best KPIs in two very important areas:

·         The achievement of the typical objectives of the CRM: visibility of the pipeline, improvement of the conversion ratios, fulfilment of the SLAs, satisfaction of my customers, performance of the sales team, degree of retention and benefit for each customer. Without a doubt, all of them are proof of growth and improvement of the business.

·         The success of the implementation of your CRM: usage ratio, satisfaction of my employees, automation of processes, level of quality of the leads, interval between interactions…

If the CRM project is implemented well, it will bring us closer to making data-driven decisions, that is, a drive to make the best decisions, achieving more positive customer experiences at all levels. And not just any partner measures up to the task. We at Intelligence Partner are not just any partner. Besides offering you latest generation tools such as SugarCRM, we are capable of modelling them to adapt them to your business model, and broaden the solution in order to equip it with collaboration, analytics, intelligence… Growing all that your organization needs and at the pace that suits you in order to reinforce your marketing, sales or customer service department. Why don’t we talk? 

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