8 G Suite security tips for administrators

In the middle of the Cloud Computing era, security has become one of the top priorities for any systems administrator. And with G Suite, they are in luck: this set of cloud based office tools offers administrators a powerful control panel which enables them to control in detail any aspect of the configuration of the system and the parameters of each application from this set of applications.

G Suite seguridad

What can administrators do to optimise security in G Suite? These are the tips we have selected

In general terms, it can be said that every company wants to apply security according to their needs. Systems administrators are the enforcement arm of this corporate security strategy, which, incidentally, we will talk about in our next webinar about business security with G Suite.

In their digital solutions ecosystem, tools are rarely found that enable it to be managed with as much ease as with G Suite. This solution was designed since its beginning to meet the strictest standards regarding privacy and security, and so that the work of the administrators and users is as simple and intuitive as possible.

Basing ourselves on the recommendations of Google and renowned international experts in this tool, we have chosen 8 security tips for G Suite that systems administrators can apply in this solution according to the strategy of their organisations:

  • 1. Rely on G Suite’s administration console. For an administrator, G Suite’s administration console is essential when it comes to managing the security of this tool, as well as obtaining comprehensive reports about numerous aspects of its use, security, etc.
  • 2. Encourage users to carry out security checks regularly. This process enables an administrator to find out which applications are accessing their data and, thereby, facilitate them executing a truly effective account protection strategy.
  • 3. Apply the verification in two steps. To prevent someone from outside the organisation accessing G Suite accounts with malicious intentions, applying the two-step verification is one of the best options. Activating it from the console along with the use of security keys (developed with Google’s own technology and only specific to the processes they are involved in), removes phishing attacks in one fell swoop.
  • 4. Secure your mobile devices. G Suite administrators can carry out basic security controls on employees’ devices without them having to install profiles on both iOS and Android.
  • 5. Review access of third-party applications to G Suite data. It is recommended that G Suite administrators regularly check and manage the list of authorised applications to access G Suite data (OAuth), so that users later authorise their individual access without risk.
  • 6. Activate advanced protection against phishing and malware. In terms of security, a good G Suite administrator always marks these options in the configuration of G Suite. This prevents an enormous number of unwanted emails and phishing for their organisation. For its part, Google applies Safe Browsing and Machine Learning technologies to identify these types of threats in advance and thereby avoid them.
  • 7. Limit the shared use of files to domains from the white list. G Suite administrators can limit the sharing of G Suite files only with directions that belong to the domains which appear on the white list, or make the system display warning and confirmation messages when it is going to share information with other domains outside of the list. With these options data leaks and the infection of files are prevented.
  • 8. Make daily back-up copies.It has never been so important to remember this, even if it seems obvious. Scheduling daily back-up copies facilitates restoring data for any user at any time. Think for a moment about the number of devices and sources of information that a user may work with when using G Suite.

As you have seen, security on G Suite is essential and Google is permanently working on it to facilitate the application of customised strategies for each organisation as far as possible. To be able to get the most out of them, at Intelligence Partner we recommend you stay informed about the latest developments that Google launches frequently in this field.

We are certified Google Premier Partners, with an in-depth knowledge and experience in both G Suite and the tools that integrate this solution, especially in aspects such as managing security. If you want to know more about this issue, we invite you to join our webinar about security on G Suite on 13th February.

Do you want to take the leap to G Suite and increase your organisation’s security? Contact us and together we will discover the best way to carry out this process in your organisation.

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